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Hello, my name is Titus!


More about me

Male (Extra-large). Boerboel. Young-adult - DOB: 2015.

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Titus is a wonderful dog with a delightful personality. Unfortunately, his first human was confused about boerboels and tried to make him a ‘guard dog’, which didn’t go very well. Some nice people have helped him find his true calling as an extra-large lapdog, and his life has really improved since then. He loves hugs, massages, long slow walks and his favourite teddy bear, and he’s a champ at clicker training. 
Unfortunately his new human is a little, squeaky one with little, squeaky dogs, and they’re still a bit scared of Titus because of how he behaved when he arrived. This isn’t going very well, and he’d be much happier to find a calm, quiet human without any little monsters running around and scaring him (and themselves!). He does sometimes get a little rambunctious (and confused – he spent a long time thinking he was supposed to be aggressive), so his forever human needs to be strong and kind.
We really feel he would be better off as an only dog, or with one companion who really suits him. He manages with other dogs on walks, and he is okay with visitors and domestic workers, but we try to control interactions like this ‘just in case’. He does tend to knock small people over.
He is a little nervous during storms/fireworks.
He loves his clicker training. Well house-trained, although he has been known to spray a little urine on table legs when he can’t help it. He sleeps inside but like to have a dog-door.
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