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Hello, my name is Tizzy!


More about me

Female (Small). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2013.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)

Attached please find photos of my beautiful girl, Tizzy.

Her story:

She will be 4-years-old in October (she was a 2013 baby).  I got her at 3-weeks, together with her two siblings.  Their mom was a feral cat living on a friend’s farm and she wasn’t doing so well.  They were in the process of catching and neutering all the ferals and releasing them back.  Because the mom was in pretty bad shape and also in order to tame the kittens, we decided to take them and I bottle fed them.  They grew up with two big dogs so she’s not worried about dogs.  She has been sterilized, microchipped and all her vaccinations are up to date (minus this year which still needs to be done).

Reason for rehoming;

She is a real princess and unfortunately is not happy in my home where we have a constant in and out of foster kids, not to mention, she doesn’t get on with the other two adults.  Giselle has started fighting with her in the last two weeks and Pyro bullies her when he gets a chance, which makes her want to come inside even less.  She now spends about 80% of her time outside and only comes in for food, which she eats too fast and ends up vomiting up again.  The only cat she ever got on with was my black cat who she grew up with, but unfortunately he got run over last year :(  She was always a very cuddly, loveable girl and now she isn’t because she doesn’t want to be inside.  Based on all of this I feel it is unfair for her to stay here, as much as I love her, as she is unhappy.  I feel I would be selfish if I keep her when she isn’t being her best and happiest.  Based on this I feel it will be better to rehome her somewhere where she can be the princess she is destined to be.

Homing conditions:

Because this is not a rehoming because I don’t want her or can’t keep her, but because I feel she can be happier elsewhere I have a couple conditions to her rehoming:

  1. She needs to go somewhere where she can be the only cat and be spoilt for it.  She had met a lot of different cats and has not got along with any of them, regardless of age or how they were introduced;
  2. No complexes.  She doesn’t do well in complexes where there are lots of neighboring cats.  We lived in a flat for over a year when we first moved to CT and she was extra unhappy there as she was scared to go outside;
  3. I want to meet the people and do the home inspection; and
  4. If ANYTHING happens with the new home and they cannot keep her for any reason, then I am to be notified and she comes back to me. She has never been to a shelter and I don’t want her to ever end up in one.  She will always have a home with me should she need it.

Also, there is no major rush to rehome her.  We can wait for the perfect people, somewhere stable where she will have a garden and a warm bed she doesn’t have to share.  Somewhere she will be loved for all her beauty!  She is extremely affectionate, loves to cuddle with you in bed and has a wonderful purr machine.  She is also a typical female and doesn’t like to be ignored – she will tap you or chase your feet should she want something :)

Tizzy1 Tizzy