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Hello, my name is TROY!


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Male (Large). Terrier Blend. adult (DOB: 2013).

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Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Ahoy me mateys! Cap’n Troy Sea Dog here checking in from the briny deep. Blimey, it’s a tough job this, being a pirate. We’ve just batten down the hatches and I sit here now with me booty and me gin, ready to tell ye bout me adventure.

There we was, me and me bunch of men (scallywags the lot of ‘em) sailing through the high seas when a call came down from the crow’s nest “landlubbers ahead Cap’t, thar she blows!” “Me eyes must be foolin’ me!” I thought, for there in the distance sitting low with all her treasures was a great ship. “Yo ho ho,” me yelled. “All hands hoay, it’s time to feed the fish!”

Arr, we made ‘em dance the hempen jig, we did! We gave ‘em no quarter and finally, we ended up with a bounty full of sea biscuits and cackle fruit (that’s eggs for ye land folk)! Me stomach is full now, it is! Me men don’t know it yet, but this be me last voyage. No more pillaging and scuttling. It’s time to pack up me duffle and cutlass and roll up the Jolly Roger flag.

Yarr, I’m gonna find meself a young lass to enjoy the rest of me life. I’m no old salt and have the best years of me life ahead me. With me looks still intact, there’s bound to be someone who will give this handsome sea dog a home and willingly walk the plank for me if asked. All me asks for is the bounty of a family to warm me heart, endless booties of sea biscuits and some jerky to keep me tummy full.

Shiver me timbers, me can’t wait to share me adventures and life with ye! Me ship be docking any day now so make sure ye waiting there to say ahoy…or else…arr!

Troy march2015 IMG_8604 IMG_8606

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