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Hello, my name is TROY!


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Male (Large). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: 2013.
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Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hi All,

My name is Troy – Terrier blend – Male – 4 years old.

Why am I being so precise ? Well in days of old, in Ireland, the name Troy meant soldier and that’s me – a no nonsense, spit and polish, all military precision type of guy. Although with my brindle body and white head I could easily be mistaken for a loogan. That’s Irish slang for a gangster but if the truth be told I’m really just a cuddly push-over, a tickle behind the ear and I’m anyone’s. :)

I came to Dogtown after I was abandoned by my owners when they relocated. Understandably I was very untrusting of humans after that and did not like them coming near me. I would also try and dash out the gate and escape every chance I got.

Well the peeps hear at DT soon revealed to me a whole different side to life. They gave me constant attention and would spend loads of time just sitting with me in my garden and teaching me that not all humans are uncaring. My caregivers also taught me to sit calmly while they put on my harness – if I did we would then go far long walks and into the play area where I could run and investigate all the nooks and crannies and just enjoy myself.

They also introduced me to other furkids and we would spend time together socialising and learning all sorts of good doggy skills. I must admit I’m rather keen on a young furgal called Smarty who lives next door to me. We are often allowed to spend time together which makes me very happy and I’m hoping this will become a permanent arrangement. I sometimes get a bit over excited and I’m now learning “impulse control” and I will be able to move in with Smarty as soon as I’ve mastered it.

Now isn’t that a great incentive to learn. :)

I’m hoping a family with teenage children and a large garden will come along and adopt me. Of course it would be a bonus if Smarty was part of the deal.


Troy march2015 IMG_8604 IMG_8606