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Hello, my name is Wulf & Pixie!

More about me

Male-Female (Large). Chow. Adult - DOB: 2012.
I am good with:

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

They are mixed breed Chow, Yorkie, Toy Pom and Scottie.  Wulf is the Male and Pixie (red coat) the female and they are from the same litter.

They are independent by nature but love a cuddle in the morning and after dinner especially.  They don’t yap and will warn against intruders.

Wulf will be protective.

When they are familiar with an area I take them off the leads for their morning walk.

They grow luscious winter coats and we relieve them of that during summer.

They are great with children and just super family dogs.

They are sterilized, if they find a home I’ll do the vaccination (the last one is due), deworming is up to date and they have Identipet chips (lifetime tracking fee paid, proof available)


They don’t have formal training, but here is where they’re at:  They choose a spot off the lawn behind the bushes to do their business and will wake me up if they have an emergency at night.  Respond very well to commands like:  Outside, Drop it, and Ssssht.  They are comfortable with a leash, but will walk at their pace, ie sniff everything or pull if they see a squirrel.  I put Wulf on a leash if we approach a single young or vulnerable dog (so the two don’t zoom in).  It’s also better to keep him on a leash until he knows other dogs (if he’s scared he can try to dominate)  When I assure him and the other dog is friendly he makes friends easily.


They prefer to be inside during storms.


They LOVE domestic ladies but were slow to make friends with the gardener.  Previous complex gardeners scared them with their edge cutters and lawn mowers.  They will initially bark at him but will not try to bite him.  They will keep a weary distance in the beginning but after time make friends with him alone.  They give a short warning bark when someone approaches and an urgent one when it’s a complete stranger. (Scared a burglar off very nicely the other day).


They chase cats and squirrels.  Never caught one.

They caught pigeons and guinea fowl before.


They are loving and playful and love to play with other dogs on the walk.  I allow it with same size dogs and one of them at a time.  The love children and are child proof.


They need a new home, because I re located and didn’t see the property first.  The garden is very small.  Furthermore, I have to move in with my mom end of June, and she can’t have dogs at her townhouse.


Pixie’s back legs are sensitive.  I had them ex rayed.  Bottom line is that the legs are thin for her size.  It will always be sensitive and she doesn’t run well but she’s not in pain and no opps required.

They eat Montego Karroo pellets (about R600 per month) and I add a plain topping (like a table spoon full of rice and a few crumbs of mince)  They can’t eat bones, or any other human food.  Sensitive digestion.


More info available as required.


Back legs are thin and therefore sensitive.  Otherwise healthy.  Turning five in May.