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Hello, my name is ZEUS 2!

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Neal Hamilton Ashby

More about me

Male (Large). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: Nov 2010.
I am good with:
Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Wait! Don’t scroll any further! Do you know that black dogs like me are the most overlooked dogs at shelters? I really don’t understand that because, well, look at me? A big, strong and handsome boy you will not find anywhere else! And I have a personality to match!

I am not a puppy anymore but neither am I old and I have an abundance of love to give. I must admit that it takes me a little bit of time to warm up to people but that’s only because it’s been a bit of a tough life before Dogtown. I’ve overcome most of my ‘issues’ and all I need now is a family of my own who will allow me to come out of my shell at my own pace while showering me with love every step of the way. I give the most slobbery kisses and there’s a girl here who calls me her honey-bunny! She always says, “You know, honey-bunny? Someday soon, a special person is gonna see how precious you are and will take you home with them.” I think I will be sad to say good bye because I’ve been here for so long and have made so many friends but I will also be very happy to have my own people at long last. The sauce on top will be if they can take my long-time friend and roomie, Lady, home too. But she’ll understand if that doesn’t happen because we know that there are other special people out there for her too.

Not that you need any more convincing, but I thought to show of my talents and give you some awesome reasons why we, black dogs, make excellent fur-babies. I mean which other colour dogs can say that they are easy to find in the snow and excel at night time games of hide and seek. Or that they absorb heat so are perfect for cuddling on a cold winter’s day (or any day, in my opinion!). Black dogs also make you appear thinner and black hair is invisible when stuck to your good black coat. We never look dirty and always look presentable at any formal occasion. Plus, black goes with everything and always co-ordinates with you outfit. Perfect, wouldn’t you say?

But most importantly, a black dog is just as loving, loyal and trustworthy as any other colour dog! So if you are my special person willing to make this special boy’s wishes come true, please come meet me. You won’t be disappointed!

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