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Hello, my name is Zeus!


More about me

Male (Large). Doberman. Young-adult - DOB: August 2012.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Zeus is a 4 year old brown male Doberman.  I got him when we was 6 weeks old on the 17th September 2012. In October 2013, I took on a new job that required me to travel for 75% of the time. I lived in a town house and I couldn’t leave him alone while I was away on business. It was then that I decided to find a home for Zeus. Zeus was neutered and was up to date with all his shots. I had him chipped as well. We found a home for him through a colleague of my wife (she was my girlfriend then) in the South of JHB. We visited the home and saw that they had a another dog that was well taken care off. Zeus also got on well with the other dog and I decided to let them adopt him. I did check up on him from time to time by chatting to his new owners. The last I made contact with them was a year ago at a party where I was reassured that he is being well taken care off and also that he was such a great dog and a part of their family. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

On the Friday, 17th September this year, I got a call from the Joburg SPCA advising me that they picked up Zeus in Kensington on Monday 12th September. I have no idea how long he was on the street for. He was underweight, under nourished and full of ticks. I brought him home, took him to the vet to be treated and he has been with me ever since.

He is back to good health now. He has been on a raw diet ever since I got him and it has agreed to him. Zeus is great with Humans. He has shown no aggression towards me, my wife, my children, family and friends. He is full of love to humans and is really a 4yr old puppy. He is however not good with other dogs. He is very aggressive to my 2 pitbulls. I take him for walks around our neighbourhood and he seems aggressive to other dogs too. I have noticed that Loud noises (cars, bangs, etc) scares him and her tends to cower to the floor or he tries to escape to his room.

The reason I am looking for a home for him is because I already have 2 pitbull terriers and they do not get on. I keep him confined to a very small area so that he is not in direct contact with the other two dogs. I would love to keep him, but I cannot keep all 3 dogs. I was advised that he would be best suited as an only dog or being paired with a large female.

He is housetrained, obedience trained & walks well on a leash.