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Ronel’s Peanut Butter Prize

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-27 at 19.11.33Every month Dogtown has a furry fundraising competition. How it works is that every day, a dogtown doggy gets to take charge of the sms line and rally for votes. They are the furry fundraiser of the day. At the end of the month, the furkid with the most votes, is the furry fundraising champion. Not only does that furkid get bragging rights among all of dogtown for the whole month but they also get a prize! Tha’ts right … a “super duper whatever their heart desires” prize!

Well May was my month! Thats right, the month of Ronellie :) I think it was because everybody read my story and watched my video and they could see that I would be a fantastic fundraising champion! They could see the tiny bit of bravery in my soul and I think that is why they voted for me. Well it was either that or my cute crinkles which appear on my nose when I eat. My money is on the crinkles, my caregiver smiles from ear to ear when I whip out those nose-crinkles of mine :)

So my caregiver came and told me that I was the champion all la-di-da like it was no big deal, and that I had to choose my own prize. The pressure! How can she be so casual about such a big decision! whoah! I think she was just playing it down to be honest, I think she was actually more excited than me but she didnt want to steal my thunder :)

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-27 at 19.11.34(1)So after thinking long and hard I decided that I want a tea-tray and a tub (a BIG ONE) of peanut butter! I know you are probably thinking that Ronellie has gone loco but there is method in my madness. I have trained my caregiver well, she now knows how to smear yummy peanut butter all over a tray and present it to me just when I need it most. What it basically does, is calm me down A LOT! Once i get lost in the motion of licking the peanut butter, I feel myself relax and it keeps me busy for what feels like hours. The reason I needed a new tray was because not so long ago, my silly caregiver decided that sharing is caring and she tried my peanut butter tray on a Looney Tune called Bella (dont tell her I said that). Well she didnt read the instructions carefully and after licking all the peanut butter, she chomped on my tray and well that was the end of that plan. I of course had a stern word with my caregiver, she cant just be leaving my stuff un-attended!

So this time round, no sharezies with other furkids, my tray and tub of peanut butter is mine all mine! I could not be happier. I suppose I could have asked for toys or chewies or doggy-dollars but I have to follow my heart and my heart wants to be relaxed, my heart wants to be calm and my heart wants peace …. my peanut butter tray is the way to my heart’s happiness :)

I told my caregiver she may not post the photos of me and my peanut butter tray (it gets  bit messy sometimes) but you may have figured by now shes a bit of a loose canon and before I knew it, there were photos of my crinkle-peanut-butter-covered nose all over Facebook! I shall have to have a word with her when she brings my next peanut butter tray tomorrow :)

Thanks for voting for me guys, you have all made me a very happy little girl :)

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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