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Alleviate Boredom in Dogs through Entertainment and Exercise

Alleviate Boredom in Dogs through Entertainment and Exercise by Mary-Jane Gallagher Did you know that dogs’ brains shrink when they’re bored? Their brains shrink because neurons in the dogs’ brain will die if they are not stimulated. Pet owners may envy their canine companions lying around the house sleeping and snoring, but scientists warned about the […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Apply Your Fad Diet To Your Dog

Why You Shouldn’t Apply Your Fad Diet To Your Dog By Mary-Jane Gallagher Fad diets are often quick “fixes”. In fact, 69% of them fail to show any significant results. Although trendy, they often promise an unattainable goal. Oftentimes, what becomes a fad diet amongst humans become a fad diet for their pets as well. Thus, it […]

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Please adopt me

Handsome Harry – homeless again :(

Who is this handsome lad you see before you? Surely he is waaay to handsome to be homeless! I bet that’s what you’re thinking hey? Well to answer your question, my name is Harry and yes, I am too handsome to be homeless but somehow I am. That’s all about to change though, because YOU […]

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I'm a shy guy with a heart of gold

Sawyer, a shy guy with a heart of gold

Hi everyone. My name is Sawyer. My sister and I were found as strays close to Dogtown. We were really in desperate need of saving, I don’t think our other humans cared about us all that much. We had lots of ticks and we were very hungry. Although being picked up and brought to Dogtown […]

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May’19 Adoptions

There is literally nothing that makes us happier than seeing our special furkids joining their, new forever families and starting their new lives. Please take a few minutes to read all about our happy homings in May 2019. Who remember’s Summer (now called Whiskey), the little kitten that was a few weeks ago? Well his […]

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Help us Keep Dogtown Safe

We were Robbed

I don’t really know where to start with my rambling today. I’m still in shock from the events of last week and it has us all rattled to our core here at Dogtown. I’m not oblivious to the crime in our country, its the reason why we spent so much money on security before we […]

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By Sierra

Can I be part of your family? – Sierra

Hello world! Let me introduce you to the cutesness that is me …. ta-daaaa! Believe it or not but the cuteness that is me, needs a forever home. I got lost somehow but my guarding angels were looking out for me and they literally led me to Dogtown. The humans at Dogtown found me wondering around […]

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The most calls for help we receive for behaviour problems is for dog aggression. Now dog aggression is a description used loosely and not always the correct diagnosis. Most of the time when we are called on for help, the dog is actually displaying fear. As humans, we don’t always understand why something is making […]

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Learn to Speak Dog

So how many times have you looked at your dog and wondered what they are thinking? I know I do on a daily basis. So what if there was a way to help you understand the subtle language that your dog uses, you would want to know, right? Well, there is we just haven’t taken […]

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Starting Retirement On The Right Foot (Or Paw)

Starting Retirement On The Right Foot (Or Paw) By Mary-Jane Gallagher It turns out, it’s not just rescue dogs who can find life a little too quiet at times; recent research has highlighted that around 10% of South African seniors feel lonely.  For those adjusting to life after retirement, a rescue dog could provide so much love […]

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