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What the dog knows

What the dog knows Dogs are truly remarkable, not a day goes by when I don’t marvel in their simple approach to life. If something works do it again, if it doesn’t, stop wasting time and move on. Its remarkably simple and effective and yet we humans always manage to complicate things. We spend thousands […]

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Skye – please adopt me!

My name is Skye, your heart will melt when you look at me, I am not exaggerating when I say I am the handsomest (yes that’s a word) lad in the world! My journey in life started off a bit rocky, my family called Dogtown to say that they would shoot my friends and I […]

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Dogs are the New Kids

Dogs are the New Kids With the current fast moving lifestyles of the young and carefree The decision to have children are moving much later on in life, if at all. The average 30 year old is happy to focus on their career and come home to a loveable fur kid and is not necessarily […]

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The overlooked shelter dog

Why don’t they Love Me ?

Why don’t they Love Me? Why is it that some dogs in a shelter are just overlooked time after time. Theres no real fool proof guideline to what makes a person fall in love with a dog. Some people like a specific type of breed, sometimes its the size of the dog, the personality of […]

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It's about to get Real

It’s About to Get Real

It’s About to Get Real Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady I’m sorry townies. It’s about get real. Not a week goes by when we don’t hear the rumblings of debates about no kill vs kill shelters, pro life or life at all costs and I’m not gonna lie. I’m getting tired. Tired of explaining […]

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and become a Furry Feeder

Furry Feeders

Join the 200 Club Food, glorious food. For many of our dogs, before they arrived at Dogtown, food was a luxuary and they spent many a day scavenging for every little morsel they could find. Since arriving at Dogtown they know that they will receive their yummy Montego twice a day and room service is […]

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Is Your Dog’s Chewing Driving You Barking Mad?

After a day at work or a couple hours running errands, do you come home to find your favorite shoe torn to pieces? Destructive chewing is a common behavior in dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. However, it can be exceptionally annoying and highly undesirable when your four-legged pal destroys your shoes, furniture, and clothes. […]

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Learn to teach

Here is some basic but very effective advice when working with your dog… Break it down Decide what you want to teach your dog and break the behaviour up in smaller, easily achievable bits. If you have a clear plan, you will be able to give clear information to your dog which will help him achieve […]

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Help – My dog is stubborn!

Help – My Dog Is Stubborn By Gordon Banks Dip CABT (NOCN UK) / CABT SA Practitioner / IMDT DogtownSA Trainer & Behaviourist Is your dog really stubborn or are you making some fundamental errors in his training. In most cases it is the latter. When our dog is not performing the way we want […]

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Gaining confidence each day


Looking for the perfect dog you say??  Hmmmm…. Well then we’ve got just the girl for you!!! Suzie joined us just over a month ago and boy, she has come leaps and bounds!! (wolf whistle 😉  ) Suzie lacked impulse control, confidence and she was terrified of the world, water, a harness, sudden hand movements, just about everything made […]

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