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A dream come true for Candice

Candice – My last letter

Hi Townies, I am sure you all remember ME…Candice. In August 2015 a wonderful Lady found me in a ditch and called Dogtown to come and save me, I had a big head injury and they soon discovered that I was pregnant. They treated me like royalty, took me to the vet so they can […]

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Baby Ginnie’s first Christmas

Hi ya Townies! Baby Ginny here. I’m one of newest and youngest additions to Dogtown and let me tell you what, I’m lovin’ it. I get fed gourmet meals twice a day, I get to meet lots of new dogs and have even picked my own friend that I get to live with! Before I […]

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Dogtown Ohana (family)

I very often watch in awe what the Dogtown team is capable of.   From catching street smart feral dogs to calming dogs down who attempted to jump through a window to attack.   Our work here is everything but ‘romantic’. We get drooled on, pooped on, we get scratched, nipped, head butted, pulled down to eat […]

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Ronel, the dog from another planet

We all know how the saying goes: “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” but let me tell you…. Ronel is definitely from the planet Pluto! I have tremendous joy, watching her each day. It’s as if she was sent from Pluto to earth to come and experience how life as an “alien […]

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Adopting Storm

Some people think adopting a dog is just like ordering a meal from a fast food store. You go to the first window and place the order for the perfect little pup, go to the second window and pick him up to take home and then if you don’t get exactly what you ordered you […]

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Am I home now?

When we bring a dog home from a shelter, it is quite an adjustment they have to make.  New smells, sights, sounds, people, animals, new rules, new boundaries, new everything. For a puppy, the adjustment should generally be easier, because their little brains are clean slates, they do not have much to compare this new […]

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Merry Woofmas from Chance

Hellooo Readers, it’s ME Chance. Shoo wee I cannot believe it’s almost that time of the year again…CHRISTMAS. I absolutely love Christmas, all the fairy lights, decorated trees, Christmas carols and the Christmas spirit. A lot of people don’t really care about Christmas but for me it is really special because I have cancer, so […]

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Digit’s journey – A happy Ending

Sometimes a rough start in life can still lead to a second chance for a deserving dog. Digit is for sure one of those worthy dogs. I am constantly reminded of the cruelty that people put dogs, and other animals, through. This is probably the most challenging thing about working at Dogtown or any other […]

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Copper @ DogtownSA

Good morning! Copper here. Ive been told by my caregiver that you want a letter about my life here at Dogtown? Well I was more than happy when they asked. See here at Dogtown us dogs don’t consider this an ‘animal shelter’, we consider it a home. We get walked every day, we get to […]

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Come meet Adelle

Hi to you out there. My name is Adelle. I am a 4 year old female looking for a forever home. I love to go on long walks and sniff everything around as much as I can, it’s like you love reading your newspaper in the morning with coffee, just with less politics. I’m super […]

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