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Adopting one dog

Howdy-do Dogtown readers, I got some awesome news to share with you all…. One of our special furrr kids got adopted this month, namely Lindsay. I am going to tell you how many lives you change by adopting one dog. A lot of people have asked me why I do the type of work that […]

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Buddy’s prayer

As we all know, Buddy is Dogtown’s first resident. He’s not so young anymore. He is also the Godfather of Dogtown for many consecutive years now. If you know Buddy as I do, you will know what a special dog he is…… Apart from training this old dog some new tricks (in my heart I […]

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Princess Diana

Her royal highness, Princess Diana

Hear yee! hear yee! Good morning one and all on this fine day. To start, I would like to take the time to thank all for attending today. I, princess Diana of Dogtown, first of her name, am here to tell you why you should grace your home with my presence. Firstly I am a […]

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How to choose the right Charity

How do you know which charity to support?

It’s a great question and your hard earned money should go to who you believe is in sync with your beliefs and character. I always recommend if possible, visit the shelter or do follow ups on cases you have supported. With the constant mud slinging on Facebook I see daily, it’s sometimes a really difficult […]

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PicMonkey Collage

What the ffff

Most of you have heard about flight or fight, it being the most basic emergency response ingrained in all animals and humans. It is not the only ones though, there is also freeze and fornicate. The last two often gets over looked, but they are just as important as fight and flight. When we look […]

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Avoid over arousal

At the IMDT workshop on Behaviour Modification this past weekend (19 & 20 Aug) presented by the incredible Steve Mann he once again emphasized the importance of always working your dog below threshold, be it during formal training, exercise or playing games. Although this is particularly pertinent to dogs that are easily aroused, it is […]

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Make first class pets

Second Hand Pets Like Moxie

Hi, all you lovely people! My name is Moxie, and I’m a German Shepherd blend. At the moment, I’m staying at Dogtown, or Hotel Dogtown as I call it. As you all know, dogs can’t write (we have too many “hands,” he he), so I asked my caregiver to do it for me. This is […]

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Heart Scars

Hello to all the Dogtown readers. Today I want to talk to you about one very, very special girl who is really close to my heart and her name is Mia. I also call her Mia Mooo because she loves to speak and Hoooowl when it’s time to eat he he. When you see this […]

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Tommy, from Zero to Hero

Hi ya! Tommy here again. You might remember me from my last story about how Dogtown has really helped me come out of my shell and build up my confidence. But if you don’t, heres a short recap. My self and my brother, Sky, were saved by Dogtown when they saw us running around a […]

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Who is Liddie?

Hello Dogtown readers, I am Liddie girl. I always hear that the caregivers and other Dogtown dogs write stories that is published on the Dogtown website, so I decided that I also want to write a story and tell the world who I am”. So, who is Liddie really? Do you want to know? …. […]

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