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Why adopting saves 2 Lives

Why Adopting a Dog Can Save Two Lives

Why Adopting a Dog Can Save Two Lives By Mary-Jane Gallagher There are almost 10 million dogs in South Africa and a whopping one-third of South Africans have been diagnosed with mental health issues. Two seemingly unrelated statistics that can actually work together to save lives. It has already been established that having a dog can improve a […]

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Insta-Fame Your Pooch

Insta-Fame Your Pooch By Mary-Jane Gallagher Should your best fur friend be getting more likes than a Kardashian?  That answer is undoubtedly yes for more reasons than cuteness, but the true value of starting an Instagram account featuring your furbaby is good old-fashioned digital scrapbooking.  Whether you adopt a Cape Town pup in need or raise litters of your own, capturing […]

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Rescue 911

Rescue 911

It’s been a month of medical mayhem here at Dogtown and we’re only half way through. We actually can’t believe just how many of the dogs in our care needed veterinary care the past few weeks. From Bee stings to emergency operations we’ve had it all. There were so many vet visits it felt like […]

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Picking The Best TV Programmes To Watch With Your Dog

Picking The Best TV Programmes To Watch With Your Dog By Mary-Jane Gallagher 64% of South Africans pick their pets to watch TV with, finding that they make the perfect binge-buddy as there’s no risk of an unwanted spoilers or them watching an episode ahead without you. Humans with dogs are more likely to pick action […]

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Tiara on the mend

  So for all of you who have been travelling on the Tiara emotional rollercoaster, we have some awesome news. After a month of back and forth to the local vet to see what was wrong with our little munchkin. We made an appointment with our specialist vet Dr Eckersley. To speed matters up Dr […]

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The Cure Live in SA

The Cure

WIN  2 golden ticket tickets to The CURE Live at Carnival City in March 2019. All you need to do is follow the link to complete the form to get your R50.00 raffle ticket ( or email Pat at  

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Scenic gyrocopter fly-safari for two

An Unusual Prize

Dear Friends   This one is for nature-lovers and adventurers alike, so give yourself a chance to win a scenic gyrocopter fly-safari for two people valued at close on R17,000!  It would also make an amazing Christmas gift for the person who has everything.     Fasten your seat belts people: Taking off from Benoni […]

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Getting Rid of Dog and Cat Fleas

Getting Rid of Dog and Cat Fleas By Mary-Jane Gallagher Pet ownership in South Africa is on the rise, and with so many dogs and cats around, flea infestations are a common problem that pet owners face throughout the spring and fall months. That’s why it’s important to regularly treat your dog’s or cat’s environment, otherwise […]

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Buddy’s Breakthrough

Since working with feral dogs, I stored up a lot of patience and apply it daily. I watch for tiny increments of progress and consider those my measurement of success. I ensure that the dog learns to associate humans with good things, things like gradual exposure to quiet human activity, avoid scary situations and adjust […]

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Building Confidence with Baby Ginnie

I would like to tell you about a little girl in my section called Baby Ginnie. We have been experiencing some difficulty in getting baby Ginnie adopted because of her low self confidence and her timid nature so we put our heads together and came up with a plan to help her become more self […]

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