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Our story of Blade starts with one night a lady finding him on our busy road in the dark. He was terrified just sitting in the middle of the road. I think the fact he was so scared and froze is what saved his life. Lucky for him the kind lady brought him to us. […]

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Ricky & Wendy-1

About Ricky

So some of the dogs at the centre that came in to our care for behavior problems, were actually medically sore. The was our little Ricky, he didn’t enjoy being patted in some parts of his body, but once we had him medically checked out we knew exactly why. The poor guy had so many […]

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Dreams do come true

When I started as a Volunteer at DogTown I knew within a few weeks that my calling in life was definitely a career or at least a more permanent road with the furkids. As a volunteer I loved spending time with them and of course spoiling them with cuddles and copious amounts of love and […]

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Max & Jenna sitting in a tree

Heyo Max here, for a while now my only friend has been Iggy my plastic igloo kennel.  We’ve played and played for hours on end but the humans at Dogtown decided I should have a doggy friend as well. Over the past few months I’ve met many of the furkids at the centre, I even […]

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Not all training has to be so energetic

Lazy laid back dog training…

Lazy laid back dog training… Training dogs to jump over stuff and to do the Macarena in this hot weather we are experiencing now, it’s exhausting for the handler and the dog.  And thus, semi-pointless because we all know dogs learn best when they are having fun.  Our dog does need a workout, however it […]

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Sometimes you just need a chance


Hi peeps, my name is Neno – no not Nemo or Captain – just NENO. Why is it different I hear you ask ! Simple, I’m a different kinda guy. As a 2 year old, 45,5kg brindle Bullmastiff with a magnificent baritone bark, I sure am different maybe even special I would venture to say […]

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Peek-a-Boo Jackson

Jackson flew up to us from the coast and between you and me I think he enjoyed the trip. When Jackson first arrived at the airport he had a sign on his crate (written in big) saying that he is a bite risk. When we got him back to the center and let him out […]

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Looking for a family to Love


Jayda came to the center today. It was one of the saddest days for me at DogTown. I watched her loving family cry and cry as they signed the release forms and handed their doggie over to our care. Jayda is a typical Labrador, big and loving but she wasn’t like that with one of […]

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Gulliver’s Travels

For those who have not met my Gulliver, he is a big boy! A really big heffalump of a boy. He loves adventures which is why I appointed him as class captain on the day of the BIG MOVE to new Dogtown. I sat down with him and explained what we have planned and what […]

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Making Dogs Dreams Come True

Zeus – God of fate

For those familiar with Greek Mythology, Zeus was the king of the gods, the god of sky and weather, law, order and FATE! Now my boy Zeus may not have been the king of gods, or the god of the sky, weather, law or order … but he was most certainly the god of FATE. […]

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