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Tricky Ricky...

Tricky Ricky

Hiya all you great furkid lovers. You may remember reading in the September newsletter, all about a cute little furgal called Wendy and her awesome “Sugar Daddy” – yep you guessed it, I’m that Daddy – the magical, debonair, one and only Tricky Ricky Why tricky I hear you ask? Simple! I can get anyone […]

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A day in the life of one of our furkids

Duke’s Diary

Dear Diary, another day has come and gone. So as I make myself comfortable here on my cozy hound sleeper, I decided to reflect on my day. The evening sun is softly smiling down on me, life is good here at Dogtown, my home until I find my forever home. Not all days are the […]

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To Touch, or not to touch…

To touch, or not to touch When I met Jack, he was a growly dog, he did not allow anyone to touch him on his hind quarters, and he would growl and snap around.   After about two months of his snappiness, we decided to take him to our specialist vet Dr. Eckersley to see if […]

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Ryder’s new hobby

Ryder at an agility course is a synonym for bull in a china shop. Those of you that have ever owned a pit bull will know that they are 110% muscle with the personality of an eternal puppy. Ryder is by far my strongest pitti and even though the gym sees me lifting weights 3 […]

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Available for adoption - contact

Candice and her Adorable Puppies

Hi there peeps I have a strong feeling that as we come to the end of yet another extremely action packed year (how time does fly!!!) that you may be feeling pretty exhausted, to say the least, and looking forward to a well-deserved rest – weeeellllll Dogtown has the best “pick me up remedy” you […]

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Do you want a career working with South Africas coolest dogs

dogtown caregiver post

Do you want to work full time caring for and helping make dogs dreams come true ? Then here is the perfect job for you. Email your cv to We are looking for someone to give their all to our precious furkids Salary R6000-R9000 depending on qualifications and experience. Location: Schuverberg , Hennops Area […]

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Luxury Accommodation for your furkids


Best Friends Pet Lodge is the ideal holiday resort for your dog(s) to stay while you are away.  We are based 20 minutes from Midrand, in the beautiful mountains between Hennops River and Hartbeespoort dam – This is truly a lovely relaxing holiday spot for dogs. Best Friends pet Lodge is run by qualified Dogtown […]

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How the Clicker Course helped me

As as a caregiver at Dogtown we need to always be adding new training techniques to our tool box. Which often means more studying and courses need to be done. After all the more you know the more you can help the furkids in your care. I recently joined half of our caregivers on a […]

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Our story of Blade starts with one night a lady finding him on our busy road in the dark. He was terrified just sitting in the middle of the road. I think the fact he was so scared and froze is what saved his life. Lucky for him the kind lady brought him to us. […]

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Ricky & Wendy-1

About Ricky

So some of the dogs at the centre that came in to our care for behavior problems, were actually medically sore. The was our little Ricky, he didn’t enjoy being patted in some parts of his body, but once we had him medically checked out we knew exactly why. The poor guy had so many […]

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