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The Million Dollar Question….

IMG_5996Hi Readers, I hope you are all warm, cozy and ready for this winter. So, you all probably wonder what the million-dollar question is?? Because I have no answer to this question. The Question is “Why Baby Ginnie hasn’t found her forever home yet?…”

It really breaks my heart knowing that she hasn’t found her happy ending because she is truly a perfect all-in-one. She really ticks all the boxes for a perfect dog and all she needs is a family that will love her unconditionally and play with her.

During her stay at Dogtown she has been on many social walks and play dates with other furry friends at the centre. She loves to play with other dogs and currently lives with her BFF namely Gaylene. She is not only a dog lover but also gets along with cats and doesn’t mind sharing a home with a cat friend.

Baby Ginnie loves to train and learns new behaviours really quickly, she is a very busy girl here at Dogtown with a full schedule but when she has a few minutes to herself she loves to swim and play games in the water. She will give you endless love, joy and happiness.

Please help Baby Ginnie to find her forever home by sharing her story and showing all your friends and colleagues her picture so we can help this beautiful girl so her dreams can come true. She is really a limited edition and one of a kind. Make a change in this world and help shelter dogs like Ginnie to find forever homes. I encourage you to come and meet her so you can see for yourself how amazing she is inside and out. Till next time readers, I will write to you again soon.

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By Shilo, Caregiver