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Are you ready for #adoptober ?

Help us find loving homes for our Adorable Adoptables during the month of October.
Each week we will be introducing you to 3 of our Adorable Adoptables. We’re hoping you will help us find these beautiful fur kids the loving home they deserve or virtually adopt them. What’s virtually adopt? I hear you ask. Well that’s for our pawsome Townies whose house is already full of lucky dogs so they can’t physically adopt but they would love to save and care for a rescue dog. All you have to do is sponsor the dog of your choice and you will receive a lovely thank you card from your adopted dog and the Dogtown team will make sure they are well cared for while they wait for their forever home.

This weeks Tremedous Trio are Glen, Opal and Daisy – they have been waiting far too long for their forever homes and this #adoptober we are about to up the ante and make sure their wait will finally be over.

Your mission should you accept it, is to help us find this weeks tremendous trio loving homes or if you can’t physically adopt right now, you can virtually adopt a dog in our care by sponsoring them and helping us take care of them while we continue to search for their forever home. We know it’s out there.

Email to choose your pooch to virtually adopt for R300

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Meet Glen – CLICK HERE

Meet Opal – CLICK HERE

Meet Daisy – CLICK HERE