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Please Donate

Townies, I don’t know if you read my reality bites blog last week but I wrote it because we are seriously struggling to fulfill our financial commitments at the moment. Today is crunch day and we have note received enough funds to cover our monthly costs. We saw this coming and have been trying other ways to raise funds, but these are all taking time and we need help NOW. We are in so much poop today and unless we can find an additional R60 000 each month Dogtown will have to begin to downsize and work within our financial means. We cannot keep pushing ourselves beyond our capacity without some serious financial assistance. The reality is if we don’t have funds we cannot provide the care our dogs need and at this stage unless we increase our monthly donations by R60000 I’m afraid cutting back when we really need to expand is our only option. We are continuing to look for ways to raise much needed funds and we’re not just sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves but today is the confirmation we have been worrying about. Please we really are at a critical point, we somehow need to raise R60 000 so we can at least cover our costs today and then we will begin the struggle again for next month.

PLEASE can you make an URGENT donation no matter how small and use the reference MAY DAY and send an email to and let her know you are helping us.

Payments can be made to the banking details below.
Account Name: Dogtown South Africa
Branch Code: 254005
Account Number: 62240425571
Bank: First National Bank