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Mission Statement

To end the pointless killings of healthy animals and save more lives
To rescue, rehabilitate and re home South Africa’s abandoned pets
Our GOALS are to
Help feed domestic animals in South African Shelters and impoverished communities
Decrease the suffering, abandonment and euthanasia of South African Pets through education and a spay and neuter programme
Provide people and their pets with the tools they need to develop lasting and successful relationships with one another and with their communities.
To try and assist families to keep their dogs in their homes, rather than surrendering them to shelters.
Assist shelters with dogs they are struggling with by training volunteers to implement world-class standards for companion animal care, including their physical, emotional and behavioral health.
Provide a central point for people looking to adopt and re-home their pets
Provide a central point for education materials and advice on animal care.


Guiding Principles
• The Golden Rule: We treat all living creatures as we ourselves would wish to be treated.
• Kindness: Compassion and respect for all living creatures.
• Good Effects: We judge our effectiveness by the lives of animals saved and the positive
experience of the people we touch.
• Leadership: We lead by example – developing, promoting, and sharing great new ideas and
programs to help animals.
• Authenticity: We do what we say we do.
• Transparency: We are open and honest in our relationships with others.