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Jealous sister

Dear Jennifer

I have always been a bit jealous… I used to have minor ‘run-ins’ with my sister when she first arrived, but it’s all over now. I get along well with everyone – incl. people. It’s just that I sometimes fight with the new kid on the block. And our fights are ‘ugly’. 95% of the time I have no problem with her – but sometimes I think I might be jealous of her – especially when she comes close to our mom (whom we both love VERY much). Neither of us has been spayed. Our mother can’t handle the fighting any longer. Sending her away is not an option. What can I do to behave better towards my sister ?


ask jenniferDear Jealous Sister

In your case I would strongly recommend that a full assessment be done on all the dogs to ascertain what the triggers are for the disagreements are and to get more information e.g. at what stage did you join the family, how long has the new kid on the block been with the family, how were you and your family introduced ? Was the unwanted behaviour evident from the start etc?. In multi-dog families,and six dogs in one family certainly qualifies, there is always the chance of some bad behaviour occuring periodically. There definitely seems to be a bit of a pattern with you  as you also had some “misunderstandings” with your other sister (also a rescue dog) when she first joined the family. Many rescue dogs have not had the affection and love that dogs brought up in a family receive, with the result that when they do get this attention they can become a little jealous of the other dogs in the family approaching the source of their new found comfort and this in turn can spark the unwanted outbursts between the ” new and the old. Lets get a behavourist in there to asses the situation and help you learn to live in harmony with your siblings.

Lots of Love and Licks