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Barking Mad Network welcomes Danel

Most of you who have dealt with The Barking Mad Network over the years got to know and love Candy. Candy selflessly devoted 10 years to helping the dogs on our network to find loving, forever homes. Sadly South Africa is losing yet another animal lover as Candy and her family are leaving for Australia […]

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Four of my favourite food dispensing toys

By TERSHA – Courtesy of Here are four of my favorite basic food dispensing toys for dogs. These food dispensing toys need very little input from you so you can relax with a book or a movie, and your dog can relax with his awesome toy. There are many versions of these toys, but […]

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11 days…. 10 new intakes!

Hi Townies 2020 has kicked off with a bang! We are 11 days into the new year and we have 10 new intakes!  Yikes!!! I hope this is not an indication of what is to come in 2020! We are seriously under pressure with the amount of highly adoptable dogs in our care and adoptions […]

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Yungskin & DogtownSA

Part of your new years resolutions should be to take better care of yourself, help charities and support cruelty free products. I’m about to make your life a whole lot easier, if you shop for Yungskin skincare, you do all those things. It is an amazing product (which works on acupuncture principles), every purchase made […]

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Santa Clause is Coming to Dogtown

O! You better watch out! You better not cry Better not pout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town Hey Townies Before you, all head off onto your Christmas breaks and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Please, can you spare a thought for the dogs in our centre that have […]

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Special home needed for Ridge

We urgently need a foster / forever home for Ridge!   This 8 year old boy has been through so much already, he was just about paralysed when we rescued him but with lots of love, patience and lots of vet visits, he made a full recovery and blossomed into a comical little guy.   […]

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Maybe Mikhail

MEET MIKHAIL   Male – Age 4 – Corgi blend Contact   Hi there world! My name is Mikhail. Now you before you say anything, YES I am aware of how cute I am and YES I know my legs make you smile, it’s my party trick! I guess I had no chance of […]

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Can you give Cassidy the special home she needs?

MEET CASSIDY Chow Blend – Female – Age 10 Oh sweet Cassidy, another girl who had a really tough start to life, well for most of her life actually. She was really in a bad way when we found her, but she has put all of that behind her. She has a rare syndrome which […]

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Drain pups to dream pups

Who remembers our mom and pups drain rescue from last month? Well just look at these 2 beautiful puppies who went from living among rubbish in a drain to being beautiful little social butterflies! Sisters Jill & Arizona are ready to be adopted! They are about 3 months old now and at a guess we […]

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Special Home Needed for Special Needs Girl

SPECIAL HOME NEEDED FOR A SPECIAL NEEDS GIRL   MEET ANGEL Terrier Blend – Female – Age 7   Angel had a really rough start in life but she blossomed into an amazing dog once she came to Dogtown.   Angel is a soft natured girl who absolutely loves cuddles and loves people. She does […]

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