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You might recognize me, I am the one and only Tiara. You guys literally saved my life with all your support, prayers and happy thoughts which you sent to me in abundance when Dogtown found me. Boy was that a scary time in my life. I never want to go back to that time. Thankfully […]

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Hi everyone, my name is Izzy. My brother and I were found as strays close to Dogtown. We were both a bit worse for wear and in desperate need of a meal and some tick / flea treatment. I was very nervous and scared of people when I first arrived at Dogtown. But all of […]

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Hello world, my name is Apache. I don’t know the actual meaning of my name but I’ve been told by many that Apache means “beyond awesome” and who am I to argue I was surrendered to Dogtown because my brother and I did not see eye to eye. My human dad tried everything in his […]

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Hi there! My name is Maestro and I would love for you to take a minute to read my story and hopefully, I could become your best friend! I was surrendered to Dogtown when my family moved to a smaller place and could not take me with them. I love food, I will do pretty […]

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Hi there everyone, I am Mercy. I had a bit of a sketchy start to life but it all changed when the people who had me, decided to rather surrender me to a local shelter so that I could find a family who can take care of me. Unfortunately that shelter had trouble coping with […]

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Hello everybody out there! My name is Dawson. Believe it or not, I am family-less. I know it’s hard to believe when you look at me. I think I had a family at some point but they didnt keep me safe, so I was always out in the street. One day a human from Dogtown […]

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Hello world, name’s Bruce. I was surrendered by my previous family because I had some behavioural issues that they didn’t particularly like. Just some of those little annoyances that all us furkids go through from time to time, like over excitement, chewing things and getting out to explore the surroundings etc. Dogtown said they would […]

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Hi world! How you doing! I am Ruben! My life has been a bit of a roller coaster. I was passed around a bit and I was a bit boisterous so my family could not manage me, so I was passed around some more. I was also chained up at one stage but thank goodness […]

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Hello world! My name is Sammy. I had some trouble in my foster home where I was before, but thankfully the humans at Dogtown managed to make a plan to take me in and help me get back on the right track. In my foster home I lived with other dogs and even cats! That […]

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Hello everyone, my name is Bobby-Boy. I found myself on the streets, fending for myself and to make matters worse, I had a broken leg and no medical help Thankfully the stars were shining down on me and the humans at Dogtown came to my rescue. So let me tell you all about me! I […]

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