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Hello everybody, my name is Coco. I am no stranger at Dogtown, in fact, I’ve been around for a loooooong time waiting for my forever home. The trick is to find the right home for me. I’ve seen many of my friends at Dogtown go to their forever homes and I so wish that one […]

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More information on Medusa to follow…

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More information on Tyson to follow..

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Hello world. I am Jenna. I know what you’re thinking, how can a girl as beautiful as me be without a home? Well let me quickly tell you my story. I lived in a home with my sister, but my family had to move to a flat and they could not take us with them. […]

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Hi there everybody! My name is Michael, but the humans here call me Smiley Mike. Well that is because I always walk around with the biggest smile on my face. Life has thrown me some curve-balls but I was never going to let that get me down. I’m a bit of an old soul so […]

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Hellooooo people! My name is Anthia. I am named after the doggy-doctor-lady who took care of me during a really sad time of my life. I was found as a stray and even though I am still a baby myself, I was pregnant but sadly I lost all my babies because my body was just […]

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More information on Chico to follow..

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More information on Thor to follow..

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Hello hello hello! I am Ryder! Boy am I happy to introduce myself to you! You look great by the way! I am one of those “HAPPY ALL THE TIME” kind of dogs. I am not one for sitting around, soaking up the sun, I’m more of a “let’s get out there and do it” […]

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Ya man! It’s Jed, the Rastafarian! I am not your average standard Poodle, as you can see, I prefer my dreads over having a fluffy butt and feet. The fact is I HATE being groomed, which is partly why I am living at Dogtown, the other part is that I have a history of nibbling […]

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