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MEET MAX!!! (NORTH WEST) Max is an adorable 2-3 year old Yorkshire Terrier looking for a new home. He is very loveable and affectionate and will cuddle you at every opportunity. He loves chomping on ice cubes and playing a good game of fetch. He enjoys going for walkies too. To adopt Max, please contact […]

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MEET GLORIA!!! (WESTERN CAPE) Gloria is a gorgeous 5 year old Jack Russell girlie looking for a new forever home. She loves to play with her toys, chase a ball and loves to play in shallow waters. She will even take a dip with you in the pool. This special and unique girl enjoys walks […]

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MEET YUKI!!!! (Krugersdorp-Gauteng) Yuki is a gorgeous +/-7-month-old female bull-terrier/Fox Terrier crossbreed looking for a new home. Yuki is a loving dog and playful little girl. She loves to sleep with others on the couch, she is a puppy so she enjoys chewing on things but nothing some toys can’t fix. When socialized with children […]

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MEET DIGGER!!! (GAUTENG) This extremely handsome 10 year old Staffordshire Terrier is Digger and sadly he needs to find a new home. He is his human’s shadow and adores his human deeply. The feeling is very mutual. He would really love to have an owner / companion that can be with him most of the […]

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Everest & Kingsley

MEET EVEREST AND KINGSLEY!!! (GAUTENG) Everest is a 1 year old Husky looking for a new home. He is a playful, kind and has a soft nature. He is an easy going puppy that loves people, kids and his best friend (Kingsley). He often goes for games at the off lead dog park. He loves […]

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MEET BELLA!!! (Mpumalanga) Bella is a loving 4-year-old Daschund girl looking for her new forever home. Bella is an extremely loyal pet and never leaves my side. She plays fetch but in general, she just likes to lay around her person. She attaches to one person. She is house trained, communicates and understands basic commands, […]

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MEET LILLY!!! (GAUTENG) This gorgeous 18 month old Dutch Malanois & German Shepherd mix is Lilly and she is in need of a new home. She is playful, energetic and love kids. Being part Malanois, she is highly intelligent and would do extremely well with some mental, dental and physical stimulation to prevent her from becoming […]

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Bailey and Oreo

MEET BAILEY AND OREO!!!(GAUTENG) Bailey and Oreo are 5 year olds looking for a new home. They are energetic, playful and well socialised with children . To adopt Bailey and Oreo, please contact us on 063 040 6071 or email us at network@barkingmad.co.za  

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MEET SCOUT!!! (GAUTENG) Scout is a 2 year old Labrador x Giant Schnauzer looking for his new forever home. He has a gentle temperament and is a very loving dog. He learns quickly but struggles to focus during the day because he loves to chase bird shadows. He never catches any birds, though. But we […]

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MEET SIGURD!!! (Midrand – Gauteng) Sigurd is one of 3 siblings, (Torvi and Ivar) who was taken in by DogTown at 8 weeks old. Sigurd is a happy Africanis puppet that loves to play and is very affectionate. He is the sweetest boy and would love to be on a couch or lap this Christmas. […]

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