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Hiccup is loving dog, loves attention and likes to go for walks, loves playing with a ball. He is very sensitive on his ears. Very protective of his owner.

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Hi there, I am Daisy. I have been waiting for a forever home for a very  loooooooong time. Let me tell you about myself and then once you see that I tick all the boxes, you will be at Dogtown faster than you can say “spotty dotty Daisy” to come meet me! I love people. […]

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Hey guys! Mr Biggles here… but don’t just be calling me Biggles… it’s Mr Biggles 🙂 Im a fun, playful and comical guy who always has time for a laugh. I love cuddles and I looooove me some treats! I’m a smart boy so my caregiver is forever teaching me new things here at Dogtown, […]

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Mya is such a stunning family dog. She loves kids and is an absolute puppy at heart. She loves to race around the garden literally in circles. She is very smart and has learned tricks such as sit, paw, lie down, roll over and even “Bang” where she dramatically falls over “dead”. She is also […]

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She likes to play, listens carefully and obeys (she is 5 months old) we rescue he from a disadvantaged community.

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Meet Troy! That’s me! Now before we get started, I know I’m the most handsome dog in the world and that my colouring is unique…. but you can keep telling me if you want, I never get tired of hearing how awesome I am 🙂 I’m an active boy so I need a family where […]

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Hello everybody out there! My name is Dawson. Believe it or not, I am family-less. I know it’s hard to believe when you look at me. I think I had a family at some point but they didn’t keep me safe, so I was always out in the street. One day a human from Dogtown […]

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Cody is a fun loving, playful boy. He gets along with most other dogs but not cats. He is a great companion for nervous or shy dogs and he helps them come out of their shell and feel more confident. He is very intelligent and would love to go to training classes. Cody absolutely adores […]

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He is a sweet loving boy that is striving on attention and a calm, warm and soft place to sleep most of the day. He is house trained and need to go to home with older kids and preferably with cat socialized dogs that would not be interested to play with him or a home […]

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Milo is a neutered male jackrussel about 4years old. He is also well socialized with other dogs and pets like cats, ext. He is also house trained and doesn’t chew shoes, toys or anything lying around. He may be small but he has a very big heart with lots of love. He loves playing ball […]

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