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Lexie & Pixie

These two gorgeous 3 year old sisters are having to find a new home. Sadly their dad passed away and their mom is having to move into a smaller space where she cannot keep them. They are good with kids and get along with other canine friends. Both are very playful and could be an […]

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Sampson (Sammy)

Samson (Sammy) is a lab cross boy of about a year old. Sammy is sociable with big dogs, not smaller than him and unfortunately enjoys chasing cats. Sammy enjoys a chew or two and long walks!

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Sadly, Lola’s owners are moving into an old age home where she is not allowed to accompany them and is in urgent need of a new family to call her own. Lola is a gorgeous 5 year old girl who loves other dogs, playtime, and belly rubs! She enjoys lying on her humans lap where […]

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Winter is a loving, busy husky girl. She craves attention but loves to run around, chase a ball, and play with family members. She is almost 3 years old. She has two different colored eyes. She would love to go to a loving doggy loving home. Winter gets along well with other dogs and children.

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Playful, loving chusky- he loves to run around, chasing other dogs or family members. Very dear nature. Griffin gets along well with other dogs and children. Unfortunately his family are downsizing so he is urgently looking for a new home.

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Diesel & Skye

Skye & Diesel are both 4 year old Amstaffs. They are good with children and although they grew up with cats it is unsure what they might be like with them now. They love long walks on the beach or on the mountain or just in the suburb. Love playing with kids one another. Dislike […]

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Handsome Caesar is desperately in search of a new home as his owner has sadly passed away. He is about 4 years old, but unfortunately not good with other dogs. He is good with kids and has gone to puppy school and basic obedience. He loves attention and love, food, companionship. Dislikes strangers as he […]

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Jet & Danger

Jet and Danger’s family are sadly emigrating and therefore they are in desperate need of a new home. Danger is a 5 year old male and Jet is a 2 year old female. They love walks and exploring and human interaction! Jet is fairly dependent on Danger so the two should preferably be homed together.

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Biscuit likes to have attention and pats, but she prefers to be a “one man” kind of dog. Biscuit is a very high energy girl and needs constant physical and mental stimulation. Biscuit’s original owner has unfortunately fallen ill and could no longer care for her but as she needs quite a bit of attention […]

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We have him for 9 years and have got him since he was a puppy. He is treated as a family member and is very adorable. However he is very aggressive towards outsiders and is not friendly with strangers. He is always alert and active. His family are unfortunately downsizing to a non-pet friendly apartment […]

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