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Koda is a 10 month old Chow boy in need of a new home as his spend too much time away from him and do not feel he is getting the attention he deserves. He is a young dog who needs a lot of attention and stimulation.  Most of all love! He does not like […]

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Sadly, Lola’s owners are moving into an old age home where she is not allowed to accompany them and is in urgent need of a new family to call her own. Lola is a gorgeous 5 year old girl who loves other dogs, playtime, and belly rubs! She enjoys lying on her humans lap where […]

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This cutie pie is looking for a new home where he can be adored and part of the family. Lucky is a 5 year old JR boy who is good with small dogs and loves playing with a ball.        

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Rosy is very playful and good with kids, she is highly energetic and needs someone to give her the attention she craves. Rosy is a weimeraner staffie mix so she is a bit larger than your average staffie. She is still a young girl with a bright mind who needs a family that will endevour […]

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Handsome Caesar is desperately in search of a new home as his owner has sadly passed away. He is about 4 years old, god with other dogs and kids and has gone to puppy school and basic obedience. He loves attention and love, food, companionship. Dislikes strangers as he is protective of his family. He […]

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Rusty is a 1 year old special needs boy. He is in need of a special home as he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and is on epilepsy medicine. He is good with dog savvy kids, other dogs and cats. This young boy loves to be cuddled and enjoys his toys. Rusty does not like sharing his […]

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Remi was abandoned by his previous family.  Sadly the current foster can no longer keep him & is hoping that he will find his own forever family who will love him.  He is neutered, vaccinated & dewormed.  He is a lively puppy and gets on with other dogs. He’s very friendly and loving.  He is housetrained.  […]

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He likes a good head rub and to be around family. He will follow you around the yard. He is an excellent watch dog and does not like strangers. He will bark at strangers quite profusely but tail still wagging. Once all is calm and he is convinced that there is no threat to the […]

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Likes belly rubs and hugs. Barks at aeroplanes. Not sure why! He does bark (talk) especially first thing in the morning when he sees you. He gets excited and says good morning! He is obedient although it takes a bit longer to react sometimes when he’s excited. But he will do anything for a biscuit! […]

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Loves attention and getting loves. Does not like to be picked up or having a bath. She enjoys a scratch behind the ears. She loves playing fetch. Sadly, due to emigration, Roxy is in urgent need of a new home.

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