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We were Robbed

I don’t really know where to start with my rambling today. I’m still in shock from the events of last week and it has us all rattled to our core here at Dogtown. I’m not oblivious to the crime in our country, its the reason why we spent so much money on security before we […]

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Maximus is needing a new home where he can preferably be the king of all he surveys – where he will get all the attention & love – these are his 2 favourite things in life.  Well, he might consider a female companion – provided they are the right fit 🙂  Maximus will be neutered, […]

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Where has our humanity gone?

What’s going on? This past week we have rescued dogs 4 that were just lying in the road, too weak to get up and move. All in one week. It’s a huge worry that this trend will continue and it conjures up so many questions. How long have they been there? Did no-one see their […]

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Rescue 911

It’s been a month of medical mayhem here at Dogtown and we’re only half way through. We actually can’t believe just how many of the dogs in our care needed veterinary care the past few weeks. From Bee stings to emergency operations we’ve had it all. There were so many vet visits it felt like […]

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Shelter Life

Wow so they say any publicity is good publicity. I think every pro life shelter in South Africa will vehemently disagree after the social media frenzy, followed by the Carte Blanche insert about a no kill shelter that was investigated by the SPCA after calls of neglect recently. There are many incredible shelters out there […]

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I’m getting back to my roots!

I’m getting back to my roots! And no I don’t mean my grey roots but I was seriously thinking about that. But that’s another story for another day. Towards the end of last year 2 of our caregivers decided to leave our shores and move overseas. It seems to be an epidemic in our country […]

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Loud and Clear

          Have You seen Us? Wow what an incredible gift we have received. After a lot of work by our incredible Director Karen. Karen managed to secure us a donated Billboard spot. It really is too beautiful for words and hopefully will help us Save More Lives. Thank you so much […]

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Ban Pitbulls

Now relax, it’s not what you think.  I love pit bulls with every part of my being but even families that love them do not have an easy road when it comes to having a pit bull as a child. Whether its having to always be on high alert worrying if someone will steal their […]

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Dogtown Achievements October

Hey there Townies We may have achieved our most unexpected homing this past month and I could not be more thrilled. Our boy had all the wrong boxes checked when it came to being an easily adoptable dog. One, he was old and has numerous supplements for his old bones. Two, he’s terrified of thunder […]

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When I’m old and Weary

When I’m old and Weary Ramblings of a crazy Dog Lady   I think one of the saddest things we experience along with unthinkable abuse and neglect we come across is when a loving family pet has to come to a shelter because their family has passed away or they have had to move into […]

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