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Boom Boom, Chaka laka laka boom

Chaka is such a special boy to me, he came to the centre as a very reactive dog who did not tolerate being touched, let alone handled. With lots of help from the staff and the volunteers he started to get used to people coming into his run to spend time with him and Penny. […]

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Old man Ben

Ben he is one of our legends here at DogtownSA , he came to us 5 years ago . Ben is really a social butterfly with human beings but he can do without the shenanigans of other dogs. Everyday I learn how much love to give he has,  all he wants is love and care […]

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Smiling Mike

Hi peeps, Michael here or as I’m known around these parts – Mike with the monstrous smile! For those of you who haven’t read my story and don’t quite remember me, here is a quick update : I’m a truly handsome (so I’m told) Staffie blend aged three and am originally from Cape Town. I […]

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Sad Goodbye

I didn’t realise just how quickly one could bond with an animal, in just 3 months I have come to love the furkids at Dogtown fiercely. Having to say goodbye to one if them was just as heartbreaking as having to say goodbye to one of my own. I was off duty when I got […]

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Stan & Lucy-12

The ole girl’s still got it

Recently I have been working with my old girl Lucy and training her for agility. Even at her age she runs the courses set up without a problem. She enjoys agility so much that I struggle to keep up with her when we are running the course, she follows my every direction without a problem. […]

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Dogtown Adoptions 2015

Have a look at all of our adopted furkids posing with their forever families! Please remember to follow our Adoptions Page on facebook for all the latest on our our furkids heading to their forever homes as well as the happy ever after updates                  

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Loss of a friend

by James To lose someone you really understand and love is so painful . I met Matt 4 years ago when he came to his new home here at Dogtown. We welcomed him to be part of our family. Matt was such a handsome boy, everyone that met him adored him.  I had a lovely […]

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Bokkie Update

By Joanna Hi all you awesome peeps I thought it was time to update you on the health of our very special “Little Bokkie”. You may not be aware that she has been rather ill for quite a number of months now and has been going to see our amazing specialist vet weekly for blood […]

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Ball pool

New Adventures

Dogtown furries embarking on new adventures By Joanna Over the last few months the furkids at Dogtown have been learning amazing new training skills and are showing just how clever rehabilitation pooches are!!! This has all come about with the implementation of a confidence building course and other training exercises that has been added to […]

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Benjamin Button

By Jade This little boy came to us and it wasn’t the phrase as cute as a button that earned him his name no, Button was losing his hair and his skin was black underneath (which is totally normal), but looked very strange indeed because you know you can’t normally see their skin. The vet […]

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