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Tug a lug Zoey

If you have a furkid anything like our Zoey, you’ll know just how strong our canine companions can be! Zoey absolutely loves playing tug! Unfortunately she doesn’t know just how strong she can be compared to me being a mere human being…Zoey also tends to forget how to contain her excitement sometimes and can become […]

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Jackie, it must be Love

I bet when you come home in the evenings after a hard day’s work you will agree there is nothing more awesome than being greeted by a smiley face, wriggly body and wagging tail with a ball or big toy in your four legged friend’s mouth who is sooooo eagerly waiting to play with you.   […]

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Jersey Girl

Jersey is my sweet heart who gets along with everybody. We use her as a calming dog, which means we get jersey to help us socialize dogs that struggle to make friends. Jersey a black and white staffie blend who loves to lie in the sun even though she knows that its bad for her […]

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Dogtown SA Faring with the best in the world

Hello peeps having just returned from an awesome overseas holiday I thought you might be interested to hear about my eye-opening visit to the Toronto Humane Society in Canada for Animals and how Dogtown compares to an establishment that has been around for over 100 years. One of their top Managers, who is also their […]

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Keep on dancing

Spring has sprung and its already super hot here at the centre. That doesn’t stop us from finding ways to be motivated through the heat. Our awesome trainers have many ‘competitions’ on the go, testing us and our smarty pants puppies in every way possible. We have dogs specialising in everything, trying to tailor it […]

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Gracie doesn’t like the big loud monsters

Gracie is a loving, pretty girl who is a one of a kind mix breed. We discovered she was very unsettled by loud noises around her she becomes very stressed and panics when any form of loud sound is being heard close by eg passing truck,car,gun etc.  We began taking her out for walks passing […]

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Vinnie Vindaloo

Well Vinnie came to Dogtown after being rescued from a very unsavoury situation. They could probably write a Scorsese movie about his life. Not having the best beginning to his life, he quickly showed us just how adaptable furkids can be. He wasnt going to let his past define him, he was going to take […]

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Training George

George is the sweetest Border collie mix that you have ever seen however  he does come with some serious confidence issues. He tends to get really anxious around people especially strangers. When I started working with George he was not comfortable around me and he was never really happy to see me. Once I started […]

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Boom Boom, Chaka laka laka boom

Chaka is such a special boy to me, he came to the centre as a very reactive dog who did not tolerate being touched, let alone handled. With lots of help from the staff and the volunteers he started to get used to people coming into his run to spend time with him and Penny. […]

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Old man Ben

Ben he is one of our legends here at DogtownSA , he came to us 5 years ago . Ben is really a social butterfly with human beings but he can do without the shenanigans of other dogs. Everyday I learn how much love to give he has,  all he wants is love and care […]

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