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Appeal for Bornfré Cathaven – ongoing

Dear animal lover,

To the east of Pretoria there is an amazing sanctuary that has accepted many cats (mostly feral) that were threatened in their own areas and needed a safe haven: the Bornfré Cathaven, run by that wonderful lady, Annafré. She now needs our help, however. Full to capacity, she is battling to feed all the cats in her care, and her vet’s bill has also grown alarmingly.

She would be most grateful for any help: either food, which could perhaps be dropped off at the Glen Animal Clinic in Lynnwood (marked for Bornfré), or a donation directly into the account of the Bornfré vet (details below). Highly appreciated would be a monthly contribution, big or small, which you could make into the NCat account and our treasurer will transfer it to Bornfré.


She also welcomes visitors: go and treat yourself to an uplifting afternoon in the presence of Annafré and the Bornfré cats, so that you can see for yourself what is being accomplished there. (And of course she would especially welcome anyone interested in adopting any of the tame cats that have also made their way there!)


Annafré and her team are doing amazing work for the most marginalised, desperate of cats. Not only has she given them life in paradise (at great cost to herself), but also the security of a regular meal and veterinary attention when they need it. She deserves our help!

Kind regards


Anneke Malan <>

NCat, FNB (code 260950)

Current account 62362218440

Reference: Bornfré


Dr William Ndebele

FNB (code 252045)

Current account 62293795145

Reference: Bornfré