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Crazy Cat Lady Needed

At one of the hotels on the Eastern outskirts of Pretoria (near Silver Lakes), there is a large feral cat colony that CatPals has been caring for for many years. We’ve ensured that the cats are fed daily, and we’ve been sterilising them consistently. I later became their only caregiver.


Six years ago I moved to Joburg, but I’ve been very fortunate in having a number of wonderful cat lovers helping me to maintain the colony at the hotel by filling the feeders every second weekend, which meant that I didn’t need to go every weekend.


Now, however, we’ve lost two of our Farm Inn team in one blow, which means that the remaining members are under a bit of strain, and I’m having to drive through to Pretoria more often. And since I’m also involved in three other animal organisations (and to be honest don’t have the stamina I used to have L), this has become very difficult for me to do.


So once again, I’m looking for a miracle: someone who is passionate enough about cats to be prepared to visit this hotel about once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, and fill food and water dishes at 5 different feeding stations – some of them a bit unsavoury, I’m afraid. The food however will be provided by me. J The whole process takes about two hours, and you will only need to do it about once a month or even less often. You would also be able to choose the dates on which you go. Above are some of the cats whose lives you’ll be touching, although you won’t always get to see them, so mostly you will have to visualise the cats you are helping. When you do get to see one of them, however (and it does happen from time to time), it is a real joy!


If this is something you wouldn’t mind doing (or trying out), won’t you please contact me?


Many, many thanks and purrs


083 327 0365 (texts if possible)