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Ermelo Plea – 19/1

It is with much concern that I send this plea tonight for one of our long-time NCat beneficiaries. She doesn’t wish her name to be mentioned, as I’m going to provide you with personal details that could cause her problems if linked to her name. All I probably need to say, is:

  1. She has been rescuing and caring for cats for years in the SA small town where she lives.
  2. She has not been paid by her company since June, as the company is locked in litigation.
  3. She has now found out that she has cancer.

Earlier this year, a highly pregnant cat pitched up at her door, and our co-worker didn’t think twice before taking this mommy in. Now, the mom and all 6 her kids have to be sterilised and vaccinated.

I’ve spoken to a vet in a nearby town, who has kindly agreed to ‘do’ all 7 cats for R4 000, including vaccinations. This is a brilliant fee for a rural area, as rural vets are usually not willing or able to give much discount.

So once again, we come to you for help. If you’re able to contribute any amount, large or small, won’t you please use our NCat banking details with the reference ‘Ermelo’? Any contributions will be paid directly to the vet’s account.

We cannot do it without you. Thank you, on behalf of each of those 7 cats, and the human who did not turn them away.