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Help for Jeffreys Bay Rescue Sanctuary – ongoing

JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary is a non-profit organization situated in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.  We rescue, alleviate suffering and sterilize animals in disadvantaged communities from our local townships.  We also provide meals, shelters, inoculations and vet care when needed.  We are 100% dependent on donations to reach as many animals as we can every month.
WEEKLY OUTREACHES  Once a week on a Thursday we hold outreaches in our local townships where we dip, de-worm and feed animals and also educate owners on how to take care of their animals.  During most weeks we attend to more than 250 dogs.

MONTHLY SPAYATHONS Monthly spayathons are held in our local town hall and we manage to spay 25 township animals per month.  We are assisted by vets, assistants and many volunteers to make this day a success.

COMMUNITY ANIMAL CLINIC As the need is increasing on a daily basis, we are in desperate need of a place from where we can work and attend to the animals in the community.  We therefore applied to the local municipality to lease a piece land with an old building in the Oceanview township to use as a Community Animal Clinic.  We are very excited because the municipality has granted us this piece of land and old building.

DONATION FOR OUR COMMUNITY ANIMAL CLINIC We desperately need funds to renovate this building and buy all the needed equipment to open our first Community Animal Clinic in Jeffreys Bay.  From here we will be able to attend to animals on a daily basis, hold spay days, erect much needed kennels for lost and injured animals and hold monthly educational sessions for the community as well.  This will be a great advantage for the animals and community.
THIS IS WHY WE DO IT Some days being in the animal rescue business feel like emptying the ocean with a spoon.  But one animal at a time we are making a difference and this is what keeps us going.

Please help us to make a difference in more animal lives.
Thank you in advance for any support you can give.