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NCat Appeal – ongoing

NCat has a problem: we’ve helped too many cats! J



This has not been hard to do, since the need is just so great. Every day, we hear from cat carers all over the country, who are trying to care for homeless, abandoned, sick or abused cats that are not their own, and who are battling to do this because of a lack of funds. So each day, we receive pleas about cats that are hungry, or need to be sterilised, or need medical attention, or need new homes.

How can we turn a blind eye? We can’t.


So just over the past 12 months, we have been involved, directly (through our 20 NCat Beneficiary Members)

and indirectly (through members of the public) in the sterilisation of over 300 cats!!!


As a result, our coffers are empty L, and we’ve gone into debt L L. So we have to come to you again, hat in hand.

Without your help, we cannot help the carers,

and they cannot help the cats.



Will you help us – again – to empower the carers who often work tirelessly, unseen and unsung? Will you help us help the carer who spends every evening doing the rounds of her feral colonies, which means that she gets home, exhausted and often discouraged, when most of us are getting ready for bed? Will you help us help the carer who spends every minute of his weekend (while most of us are relaxing) setting traps, transporting cats to vets and back again, to free them from the cycle of litters they struggle to care for? Will you help us help the carer who has opened her home to strays and abandoned cats, and spends every waking moment caring for them, struggling to home them, worrying about being able to feed them?

We pray that you will help, once again.

We need to raise R20 000, to replenish what we’ve spent on feeding and medical bills, but mostly on sterilisations.


If you can spare R50, don’t think it will be too little. It will make a difference! We are starting our “Tally of Hope” now, as we send out this plea. Can you make our tally grow, by even the smallest amount? If you can, please let me know (at, and if possible mention the amount you can spare, so that we can see our Tally of Hope growing. And just to reassure you: we are a registered NPO, and our books are scrupilously audited each year!


Or perhaps you prefer to remain anonymous? That would be purrrfect too!


Here are our banking details:

NCat, FNB (Branch code 260950), Current account no 62362218440

Many thanks, purrs and blessings!