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As you all know, it has been a rough couple of months. We would not have made it so far without your constant prayer, support and donations. You are what makes us able to help more,


We are literally drowning in debt and despite being closed to any new cases, the cases kept coming, Other organisations like Project Dog, Puppy SOS, PARR, Animally Haven and Mazarat have really been so helpful with some cases we had no options with but they are also inundated and cant always help. We than you fellow rescue buddies for all the help for these dogs and cats.


We have so many animals at the kennels, at the vet still, at foster homes and the cattery. We have homed many these past few weeks but we still have helped more. Sometimes, with no choice as they were dumped or knocked or beaten in front of us.


We know that times are tough on everyone and we have had so many come forward to hold raffles and other fundraisers to assist, we have had scholars approach their classmates to collect food and we have had people donate their clothing to try to pay some of this bills so we can treat animals in our care and pay off the debt.


We are also in the process of hosting some fundraisers but more immedietely, we need to pay at least half of our debt to each of these vets and to kennels. We rely on public funds and you can pay the vets directly.


We have rescued over 12 000 animals since 2012 and we cannot showcase all the animals but we have selected some of the success cases so you can see the type of work your money funds.


You dont have to donate alot or all that you have but you can donate a little that will do alot for these animals.


Donations can be made to:


Banking details:

Account Name: Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment

Bank: First National Bank

Account Number: 62451227815

Branch Code: 220529

Ref: Your name +bill




The Ridge Vet and Pet Spa


Acc No: 1353060810

Umhlanga branch code: 135329

REF: Pact




Ashburne Vet

Absa Umhlanga Ridge

Acc no: 4061970686

Branch code: 632005

Reference: PACT


Please send pop to


God Bless!

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