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Paws R Us Food Drive – ongoing

WE HAVE RUN OUT OF FOOD AND RESERVES At a galloping cost of R8000 per week, our food bill is a constant challenge. We know that MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK, and as such, we call on all animal lovers to PLEASE DONATE A BAG OF DOG FOOD on a regular basis! THEY NEED ON […]

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Last weekend we managed ti vaccinate, de worm, educate, feed and hand blankets to a total of 115 dogs and cats. Of these animals, 65 were females and some in heat or already pregnant. So many animals needed help and by just walking arpund, there were so many animals that were unwanted and just neglected. […]

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Lucky Lucy Appeal – ongoing

I know that there are several special organisations out there, but today I would like to make a plea on behalf on an organisation which is particularly close to my heart, but very overlooked by the general population….Lucky Lucy.  For those of you who are not familiar with Lucky Lucy Cattery and what they do […]

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Kennel Drive – Nieu Bethesda

Good day to all Victoria (representing CSI in Nieu Bethesda), has launched a kennel drive for the dogs of Nieu Bethesda – the aim being to eventually provide a kennel to every household who agreed to have their dog(s) sterilised. This meaning that we are looking to obtain at least 100 kennels …  thinking BIG […]

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HELP Animal Instincts

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Appeal for Ridgeback Rehab – ongoing

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Arbor day at Dogtown

Arbor day at Dogtown SA

Looking for something fun while helping the environment and dogs ? Then head on over to Dogtown this Friday <3 email and let them know you’ll be joining us

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Dog Lookalike Competition in aid of FORA

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Pawesome Wacky Whiskers Rescue – Sponsor – ongoing

SPONSOR AN OUTREACH ANIMAL AND A PAWESOME FOSTER RESCUE SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT: *  R100 PER OUTREACH ANIMAL *  R50 PER PAWESOME FOSTER Please also like and visit us on facebook:       On 24/03/2018, team Pawesome, together with DAFF and our incredible vets, will host a FREE outreach rabies awareness day at Holding 175 […]

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PACT Appeal

You will often see us pleading for funds, for fosters, for food, for almost everything. We then get messages calling us “beggars” “micky mouse organisation” etc. We are constantly having to defend why we do what we do which is okay because we are a public entity and have to be transparent. We are just […]

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