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And help us feed a dog in our care.
And help us feed a dog in our care.

Food, glorious food. For many of our dogs, before they arrived at Dogtown, food was a luxuary and they spent many a day scavenging for every little morsel they could find. Since arriving at Dogtown they know that they will receive their yummy Montego twice a day and room service is never tardy. To keep the dogs in our care in top condition, along with their daily training and play sessions, we make sure they receive a consistent balanced diet. From the inception of Dogtown, we knew that a consistent diet was needed for our dogs. Montego provides this for us and many rescues around the country. We are hoping you our dedicated Townies, will help us in knowing our food bill is covered each month.


With 150+ mouths to feed, our food bill can be rather daunting. We are looking for 200 dedicated furry feeders who would be willing to sign up a debit order and donate each month for us to purchase a bag of Montego each month for a Dogtown Dog. For R200 a month you can feed a dog in our care and you can be added to our furry feeder wall of fame, so everyone can see just how awesome you are. You can choose a specific dog in our care to feed or happily provide food for any of our beautiful dogs.