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Happy Homings in June 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 2.44.53 PMOur very first adoption for the month of June was our handsome Cuddles. You may remember reading his story in our newsletter last month. Cuddles was initially surrendered by his family because he did not see eye to eye with the family cat. The rescue centre that he was at approached us for help as they were really struggling to find him a home. We were in a position to assist and after being on our waiting list for a short time, Cuddles joined the Dogtown family.

It wasn’t long before he was adopted from us but sadly after 6 weeks of being home, he was returned to Dogtown because he did not fit in. We were all devastated 🙁 But the universe had a plan for Cuddles and not long after his return to Dogtown, the most amazing family came along and snatched him up. He gets along so well with their beagle female and he is being loved and spoiled to no end in his new home. We are so happy that after a rocky few months, he is once again in a loving home where he can find his feet and be part of a loving family.

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Can you believe that beautiful Christine finally found her forever home! This stunning girl has been waiting with us for a couple of years, but she has sadly been overlooked time and time again. Brown-Dog syndrome and all that 🙁

Christine and her 3 friends were originally found as strays close to our old centre in Midrand. We soon realized that she was such an all rounder who is good other dogs, kids … even cats! Yet that forever home was in not in her stars until recently. But you know how they say “good things come to those who wait” – well Great things came to Christine!

Not only does she now have an amazing family who are so taken by her, she has 3 other fur-friends and a cat to keep her company. She packed her bags and now lives all the way in Vereeniging.  The adoption was a bit trickier than others because of the distance but we pulled out all the stops and just like that, she was HOME! We are all so happy for Christine, you deserve this baby girl!

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Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.48.28 PM Finally our handsome Simba Chippie has been found a forever home. Simba originally came to us from PETS a few years ago as they were struggling to find the right home for him.

Simba has been a favourite among the Dogtown volunteers and it was quite an emotional response when we let everybody know that he will be leaving the building 🙂 Tears of joy of course 🙂

Simba’s new family have adopted from us before so Simba now has a little fluffy brother to keep him company during the day. He even has a feline friend and a few tiny humans running around 🙂 Happy days for Simba! Enjoy your new home boy, you have waited long but it’s certainly worth the wait!

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Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 1.19.05 PMAh our sweet Zoey has finally landed her wiggly-bum in a bottomless pit of butter. She was originally booked into boarding kennels and her family decided to put her up for adoption instead of fetching her 🙁 She then came to Dogtown where she has been waiting for her forever family to come around.

An awesome family who adopted a very handsome boy called Zeus from us a few years ago, popped in to Dogtown looking for a friend for Zeus and it was love for first sight for  Zoey and Zeus 🙂

We are all so happy for Zoey and this really is the perfect home for her, she now has a best friend who shares her sun-struggles to keep her company while mom and dad are at work. Have a happy life Zoey ballerina 🙂

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Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 1.30.27 PMThe cuteness that is Oscar & Dee Dee! Just look at them, how cute! Sadly these 2 munchkins were let down by their family and made their way to Dogtown after a couple of unexpected stops along the way.

It was love at first sight for 2 of our first time volunteers when they came to spend some time at Dogtown last weekend. They knew that they simply had to have these 2 babies as part of their family and just like that, their wish was granted 🙂

We could not have asked for a better home for these 2. Not only do they get to be loved and spoiled, but they also get to hang out with their 2 new fur-siblings who look just like them! Twinzies 🙂 Have a happy life Oscar & Dee Dee.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 12.55.51 PMHandsome Angus has been adopted! We are all so excited for him. Angus was originally found as a stray and sadly we were never able to track down his family.  Angus is an amazing dog who is good with other dogs, cats and kids! Perfect all rounder 🙂

He has been adopted by a lovely family and he now has 2 pug siblings to keep him company, a cat and of course, his new BFF – Roxie. Those two are going to be the best of friends in no time. I can see hours and hours of playtime for those two 🙂

Enjoy your forever home Angus, you deserve this!

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