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Mature lady problems

Dear Jennifer,
 I am a 12 and a bit, GSD female.  Don’t like to think of myself of old, but hey, got to face it, age has caught up.
 I used to be on petcam & only came off it in the last 3 months, & am now on Hills JD for mobility (the old legs are now a bit weaker but I can still chase a ball).
 However my main problem now is that I am urinating quite a lot, especially in my bed at night, but also during the day, just lying down, & my mom has to wash my blankies regularly.
 Is there anything I can take to help with this problem?  (I believe there is incontinence tabs available?).
Yours sincerely
Mature Lady


Dear Mature lady
Oh the dreaded old age catches up on us all 🙁
I think for safety I would nip in to visit the V E T. for a check up, I know it’s not our favourite outing but it’s better to nip these things in the bud. I know they have medication for these leaks, but we need to make sure what the exact cause is. My sister had it, she got really embarrassed about it so I know you will want to sort this out. Are you on any medication for your sore back end anymore ? Are you drinking a lot more water ? Are you a sports model 🙂 i.e.: have you been sterilized he he? My sister was told it can be common in sterilized females.

I hope your vet can sort your problems out

Love Jennifer