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Become a Network Partner

Become a BarkingMad Network Partner

Animal rescues are often tarred with the same brush when news breaks of a badly run animal rescue shelter.

We are here to show sponsors and donors that we are compliant and run rescues to a high standard

Giving our sponsors peace of mind when they choose one of our network partners to sponsor and donate to.

Technology is also moving at a rapid rate and it’s costly to keep up, which is why we are revamping the

BarkingMad website so you can have all the new online fundraising options at your fingertips.

Our new website is coming soon and our network partners will not only have their own logins to promote their own charity events and dogs and cats looking for a home. They will also have access to some of the best online workshops available.

We are so excited to announce we’ve gone International to help our Barkingmad Network Partners.

BarkingMad is now registered in the USA and the UK, making it more possible to support our network partners

Our Network Partnership is to give animal rescues a place to work together to save more lives

We are dedicated to creating exciting new initiatives to help you and your important work.

So what do you get when you become a network partner and join the biggest animal rescue network in the country?

Apart from your own dedicated page on the BarkingMad website

We have created International and local Fundraising platforms on the new website for our network partners

We will have an online shop where you can sell your merchandise

We will assist and provide you with software for your record-keeping of your rescues work.

We will work with you to achieve our Minimum standards of animal care

We provide behaviour and animal care training and advice to network partners.

We have internships to train shelter staff.

We will place sponsored certified staff to our network partners through our internship programme.

New Software developments for record-keeping will be launched mid 2022

Free uploading of events and fundraising initiatives to the biggest animal welfare site in South Africa

Network partner rescue collaborations

Food donations from our click to feed

Sharing of your stories to our large platform

Expert workshops

Small grants of up to R5000 are available to Platinum members

or members that after the site visit our network team feels they:

need assistance in reaching the next level

We will assist you to help families with home to home adoptions rather than surrendering their dogs into shelters, through our

BarkingMad network team.

Provide a Network of home checkers

Provide a Network of vets working with shelters

Our Spay it forward campaign assists with low-cost sterilisations

We work together with our team to assist you in becoming NPO registered and Compliant

Once you show your interest in becoming a network partner one of our team will reach out to you to discuss your needs.

email: partners@barkingmad.co.za

We will arrange a telephone call and onsite visit to really get a feel of your work, and go through some research questions with you so we can gather the data our sponsors need. This will allow us to let our sponsors know why we believe you need assistance.

This is not to judge this purely to see what your needs are and how we can help you.

If at first, you do not reach full platinum membership, don’t worry, this is why we are here, to help you reach that level and become compliant.

Our Network is growing it’s time for animal rescues to shine

We are here to lift up animal rescues up where we can.

We are better together.