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Why don’t they Love Me ?

Why don’t they Love Me?

Why is it that some dogs in a shelter are just overlooked time after time. Theres no real fool proof guideline to what makes a person fall in love with a dog. Some people like a specific type of breed, sometimes its the size of the dog, the personality of the dog and more often than not a person just meets a dog and its an immediate connection. You cant explain why, its just there. But on the flip side there are dogs that sit in shelters for weeks, months even years for no apparent reason. They fall into the category of what the family are looking for, they tick all the right boxes but for some reason, they are always passed on. There are many theories on why some dogs don’t get adopted. There’s the black dog syndrome which for whatever reason black dogs are the least likely to be adopted. Some blame it on superstition some people say it’s because you can’t see the dogs expressions. Either way the colour of the dog has no resemblance on its nature and shelters are flooded with beautiful well adjusted black dogs, just desperately waiting for a forever home.




Older dogs more often than not struggle the most. I have a real soft spot for the old wise dog. They’ve experienced life, they have got rid of all their juvenile delinquency and are settled and happy in themselves. These are the perfect dogs. Yeah, they may not want to go hiking with you but if you’re the type of person that thinks the only way you’re going to climb a mountain is if your life depends on it, then an older couch potato dog is the one for you. If you have a busy work schedule taking on a puppy is probably not the ideal choice for you. They take a lot of work and guidance and what you put in affects what you get out when it comes to puppy behavior. So again an adult dog from your local shelter is a much better match for you. No-one wants to be running for a meeting in the morning to discover a chewed shoe or a misplaced poop on your way to the bathroom. When people tell me they are getting a puppy I automatically feel sorry for them. Yes the cuteness of the little fluff ball and the puppy breath are to die for but realistically they are hard work and if you don’t have the time to give them consistent training. Then you are going to give yourself and your dog headaches later on. When I look at our dogs at Dogtown we seem to have an increased amount of brown dogs in all sizes and each of them an individual with an incredible character but I see them overlooked week after week and my heart breaks for them. It’s as if they know when a family meets them and moves on to the next dog that they have been overlooked again. For no real reason. Now I’m a firm believer in your dog being your soul mate and that there is a perfect family for every dog. Sometimes it’s just a struggle to find that home.

The overlooked shelter dog

The overlooked shelter dog

There’s so much you can do to help these dogs, even if your home is already full of furkids. You can spend just 5 minutes a day online sharing dogs profiles on social media. Forwarding that email you received of shelter dogs looking for homes or even sponsoring for the care of a dog in a shelter. All these, will help the forgotten dog. Help us save more lives and let’s help shelters find their dog loving homes.
Visit dogtownsa.org and have a look at the dogs in our care, choose just one and make it your personal mission to find that dog a loving home or sponsorship for its care. One by one. Check out all the other dogs around the country in the find a pet section and join the volunteer programme of your nearest shelter. Remember it doesn’t have to be physical. You can help from the comfort of your chair. Every share can save a life. Every adoption opens up a space for another dog. Every financial donation helps the shelter provide care for their animals in need.
Don’t let the dogs feel unloved . Help your shelters provide the care and love they so richly deserve. Give them your time and affection and always no matter what adopt don’t shop
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