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It’s About to Get Real

Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady

Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady

It’s About to Get Real

by Tracy McQuarrie, founder and chief pooper scooper at DogtownSA

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I’m sorry townies. It’s about get real. Not a week goes by when we don’t hear the rumblings of debates about no kill vs kill shelters, pro life or life at all costs and I’m not gonna lie. I’m getting tired. Tired of explaining how we need as many well run shelters for animals as possible. Right now we are fighting a losing battle. It’s exhausting begging for funds, begging people to adopt our babies, tired of the abuse we receive daily from people who have never helped an animal shelter in their life but believe we can and must make miracles happen and find their dog a home by the end of the week because they are suddenly moving to Australia.Tired of being punished because I want to make sure no matter what, the dogs of Dogtown receive the best care we can provide. I believe they deserve nothing less. Humans have already failed them and I refuse to keep dogs and simply just feed, water and give shelter. They need more, the deserve more. But then people criticize and say we don’t need funds because we have well trained staff so we must have money. We only have money that our supporters donate to us. Those donations decide what we can and cannot achieve. If we cannot provide our dogs with mental, physical and emotional stimulation daily, then our dogs are being treated worse than hardened criminals for crimes they did not commit.

It's about to get Real

It’s about to get Real

At Dogtown we can only take in another life when one of our dogs are homed. We can’t miraculously create a garden for just one more dog as everyone seems to think. It doesn’t work like that we receive calls for help for on average 15 just one more dogs on a daily basis. We simply can’t keep up. Our adoptions are at an all time low, we have over a hundred adoptable fur kids here at dogtown who are just hoping someone will look at them and fall in love. How can we save more when we can’t home the ones we have. We’re at our wits end. We don’t sit on our laurels hoping a home will come along, we actively try and find them homes everyday. But it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Every night I go to sleep worrying about the dogs we couldn’t take in. What will happen to them? are they safe? How could we have saved them? The stress and anxiety is never ending. Then people go on a frenzy bad mouthing the local pounds. WHY for the love of dogs would you want to close down a pound that can investigate animal cruelty? That can take in that dog that the pro life shelter can’t. Surely a chance of finding a home is better than being dumped on the side of the road. The amount of animals being dumped is out of control and the funds to help charities like us and others are drying up. We can’t continue at this rate. This month alone we have vet bills that are at a staggering of R100 000 that’s just not sustainable. We need help and we need it fast. As much as I like to focus on the great work we do and the awesome strides our dogs and caregivers achieve each day, this all costs money and if we don’t find a way to find more of our dogs loving homes or more people to help us with their time or funds. Things are going to have to drastically change. It’s crunch time townies. We honestly thought once we had all our dogs in one location things would be easier. From a management and dog care side it definitely is but this year has been a doozie so far In The amount of bills we have incurred and the huge drop in adoptions and donations .

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Please townies I honestly believe we are a shelter like no other. We have an incredible animal sanctuary which provides the highest standard of animal care and we want to continue this. To be honest we want to do more and save more but at this stage we are just trying to keep to our high standards and stay afloat. Even our fundraising events are getting cancelled due to lack of support, so we’re trying everything we can to find ways to support us. We need your help to spread the word about Dogtown and our amazing dogs. Lets find homes for these babies and save more together.

Tracy & The Rescues

contact pat@dogtownsa.org to find out the many ways you can help us from just R10 upwards.

and if you sign up for my school its free and it helps us raise much needed funds.