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Well I can’t start this months newsletter without a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped us out of the financial crisis we found ourselves in the end of last month. That was not a fun experience for any of us but it was a huge wake up call for us.

The demand for us to help dogs is increasing at a rapid rate but the donations are slowing down. I suppose it’s a true reflection of the financial climate, people are struggling. It’s getting harder every day to make ends meet. The dogs however did not get the memo that times are tough. This month we managed to outdo ourselves with intakes. Not the ideal record to be breaking due to reasons mentioned above but nonetheless.

When we received a call that an elusive stray dog we kept seeing had resurfaced on a neighbouring farm, we set off to see if there was a way we could finally catch her this time. She obviously receives the Dogtown updates because in true dogtown style when we went to go and try and catch her we discovered she had 10 little babies there crying their little hearts out for her. Our hearts sank, they weren’t looking too good but we obviously wanted to wait and see if we could see mamma. We set up the dog trap in the hope she would come to her babies and we set up camp a distance away. Danel and James sat there for most of the day and she never came around to check on her puppies.

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We knew the puppies needed feeding so decided to take the puppies back to Dogtown and began bottle feeding. We left the trap set up in the hopes mamma would eventually come back. It was kind of heartbreaking to think she was out there in the bush scavenging for something to eat so she could come back and feed her babies. Luckily we received a call from the neighbouring farm about 4pm that mamma was in the cage. So we headed back and brought her back to the safety of Dogtown.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.25.37 AMShe was obviously scared and concerned where her babies were. We gave her the night to settle and in the morning  on closer inspection, Tersha suspected she had pyometra so off to the vet mamma went where it was sadly confirmed that she did in fact have pyometra, which now meant mamma could not feed her pups. We had to stabilise her so she can go and be sterilised. The puppies are doing great under the care of Danel and Tersha with the puppies having supervised time with mamma so she can still clean and love them. She just can’t feed them. So although it was a daunting thought that we would now have an additional 11 dogs in our care, our caregivers agreed to take them into their homes and care for them due to the special care needed and also because we don’t have space for a mouse in Dogtown right now.

We are truly bursting at the seams. Fortunately we had some lovely unexpected homings this month that gave us a little breather to bring some of the dogs on our never ending waiting list into our care. We also had a couple more emergency rescues that came into our care like little Bijou whose family basically just couldn’t afford to care for a dog anymore and then Zach who had been living on the streets for ages was fortunately spotted by one of our awesome caring supporters and she made sure he was finally caught and brought to the safety of Dogtown, even though he did not make it easy for anyone I think he finally realises he’s safe now.

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To try and make sure we continue to raise enough funds to give our dogs the care they deserve we have been busy bees out there finding new ways to raise funds. We had an awesome weekend at canine zones pet expo, where we got to meet so many awesome people and raise funds. Then this past weekend we were up and at em raising funds at the incredible groves and vineyards. What an awesome time we had there, our new hoodies were a hit, so don’t forget to check out the shop and get yours quick.

So this month it wasn’t too much of a rambling from me, I just wanted to thank you all for your support and  to let you all know that when your hard earned cash is donated to Dogtown, you can know without a shadow of a doubt that your money is helping us save more lives

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