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Volunteers are Priceless – Meet Elizabeth & Phillip

Elizabeth & Phillip

Elizabeth @ Phillip

Elizabeth @ Phillip

We love dogtown… Its our happy place! As avid animal lovers we have been visiting Dogtown for a number of years now and love the time that we get to spend there. We try and volunteer at least one Saturday a month.  We enjoy meeting the new arrivals, sometimes the new arrivals just need company as they are confused and unsure of their new surroundings, then we catch up with resident dogs at the farm and its so rewarding to see their happy faces and waggy tails when they greet us. We groom and brush the dogs – something most of them really enjoy. We also assist the Caregivers with feeding the dogs and refreshing their water. Sometimes we walk the dogs and take them to the play areas.

We love the tummy tickles, the cuddles and kisses, the affection we receive from the dogs – making a connection with them and reinforcing their trust in humans. Over the years we have seen so many dogs come through Dogtown, starting off as confused little furkids and blossoming into great lovable creatures, worthy of a forever home. This is the great work Dogtown does and we consider it a privilege to be associated with you. A visit to Dogtown also wouldn’t be complete without a “photoshoot” to capture the fun time we are having as well as capturing the many personalities we get to meet.