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Volunteers are Priceless – Meet Hedda


Meet Hedda

Meet Hedda

I have always been crazy about animals, especially man’s BEST friend! I was very eager to help out in some way, but couldn’t bear the thought of going to the local SPCA knowing that I wouldn’t see the same dogs and cats each week. In 2012 I discovered TTouch, the most incredible way of working with animals and forging the human-animal bond. One of the TTouch practitioners asked if I would like to join her at Dogtown SA to practice some of my newly learned skills. I was already aware of the Barking Mad website, and with Dogtown being a no kill shelter, I happily visited Dogtown SA at their old Midrand premises for the first time in September 2012. And was immediately hooked!


It’s such a pleasure to work with dogs that are so happy and well cared for. As much as it’s still sad seeing them wait for that loving family to come adopt them, you know that there is nothing else they need. The dogs get exercise and mental stimulation, good food, lots of love and any health care they need.  I was a little concerned (more my hubby than me) that I would end up with 20 dogs at home, but have managed to stick to one so far that joined the two I already had. All the dogs feel like family though, as they get to know you and are so happy to see you when you arrive. I regularly do TTouch on the dogs, especially those that need that bit of extra TLC (if they are highly strung, stressed or scared of thunderstorms). I also help walk them, socialise them, grooming, feeding, filling up water bowls etc. Anything that needs to be done. And the love and smiles you get in return is the best reward ever! I have learnt so much in my time volunteering, from the wonderful people there and all the amazing dogs. My heart is always full when I leave Dogtown. I find my volunteering experience food for my soul.