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Volunteers are Priceless – Meet Lara


Meet Lara

Meet Lara

For the love of dogs:
I feel strongly about animal welfare and volunteering at Dogtown allows me to spend time with my favourite doggies (which is all of them actually), giving love, care and attention (and biscuits and sausages).
I love walking the dogs of Dogtown – happy and panting dogs are a joy. So not just for exercise, stress control and mentally good for the dogs but for fun, adventure, sights and smells around them.
Feeding time is always a big hit with all the doggies, thank goodness for the printed schedules which help and guide us through meal time (note – this is only for us volunteers who need the schedule … portions, wet, dry and meds can boggle the mind).  Washing up the bowls gives us time to have a chat and catch-up with the incredible and beautiful people who look after the dogs 24/7.

I got all my dogs from shelters / rescue organisations.  I am so grateful to those who looked after them so I want to pay it forward, I want to be part of the solution and help all the amazing and good people at Dogtown by helping out where-ever I can. Also by lending a hand and spreading the message of responsible pet ownership and the protection of all animals …… big and small.

I volunteer whenever I can as it gives me such a great sense of purpose, for which I am eternally thankful to all the doggies and people of Dogtown.