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Rescue Dogs are Rubbish Dogs

Rescue dogs are rubbish dogs!

Dogs in shelters are broken and damaged pets. They come with emotional baggage, a history of abuse and can only be adopted by animal behaviorist who need to rehabilitate them! Or are they just regular pets who can just as easily and happily fit into any home?

There is a common misconception that second hand pets are unadoptable, broken or damaged and come with their own host of issues. This is in most cases, very far from the truth. There are hundreds, if not thousands of dogs who have been failed by humans, sitting in shelters across the country who are highly adoptable and their only “problem” is that they are not part of a family, due to no fault of their own.

Shelters are full of dogs who come from family backgrounds and would love to be around humans, other dogs and sometimes even cats. These dogs are nothing short of perfect yet society has labelled them as “broken” and because of this, the adoption rate is nowhere near what it should be. People continue to buy puppies from pet shops and back yard breeders, while shelters are full of dogs who are equally, if not better suited to their homes and lifestyles.

What people need to realize is that if a dog is in a shelter, there is a story of a human who failed him somewhere along the way and while some dogs do carry the emotional scars of their past, most dogs are actually happy, well adjusted dogs who just need to be given a second chance at life.

A great way for people to change their preconceived ideas about “broken dogs” is to start volunteering at a local shelter. Spend time with the dogs, get to know them for who they are and who they could be, not for who they used to be. Most shelters will welcome the additional hands with gusto and huge appreciation.

There is a saying that goes “when a bone breaks, it grows back stronger”. For rescue dogs this is almost always the case, no matter their past, no matter their “scars”, they find the love in their hearts to start a new chapter without ever looking back. The broken and damaged ones are really us humans, who failed these dogs in the first place. But we can do right by these dogs, we can volunteer, donate, rescue, educate, foster and most importantly offer an orphaned dog a forever home!

Go ahead, Adopt a “broken” dog and let your own healing begin.