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Tis the Season

While most people are excited for the holidays, this time of year exhumes dread and desperation for shelters around the world. You’re probably wondering why?

Believe it or not it’s our worst time of the year for dogs being dumped. This time of celebration for most families is also a time that brings out the real self centered and heartless people from the woodwork.

People who would rather just get a new dog after Christmas than make plans for their dogs while they go on holiday. Because you know they are just a dispensable product in their eyes not a sentient being with emotions. Now for us townies, we can’t fathom how people could be so heartless. The sad thing is they live among us. They are colleagues and all around us. People so selfish and heartless that they don’t even consider the feelings of their children or consider that they are teaching their children a lack of responsibility which will only affect them badly later in life.

So townies, will you help us at this awful time of the year. We are putting together little Christmas stockings for our fur kids and cooking them a Christmas dinner so although they don’t have a forever family of their own, we can bring them a little joy and spoil them this Christmas. For some this is probably more than they got in their homes anyway. And sadly for those that will be dumped these holidays, we want to show them although their families are scum, our townies are not 🙁

So no matter what your budget is, you could help us these holidays in helping us make our abandoned and abused have a day of spoils. They deserve it.

Of course a pawfect forever home would be the best Christmas gift but the next best thing would be a virtual adoption to help us take care of our special fur ones. You could virtually adopt them for yourself or get the animal lover who has everything, the perfect gift, for just a once off R500 donation.

You could help us buy stocking fillers for each of our 152 fur kids for a donation of R150 per dog. Or you could donate R50 to a dog of your choice to give them a yummy Christmas meal. And of course you can always sms “Xmas” to 38919 and donate R10. Every penny counts at this hard time.

Thank you townies for loving your pets and being the family they deserve. These holidays spread a little joy for those that are not so fortunate. Email pat@dogtownsa.org and let her know which Dogtown kid you’d like to show love to this Christmas.

Happy holidays townies
Love your babies and thank you for caring and helping us not only save more lives but also make their lives better.
Tracy and the rescues

You can donate via any of these methods here: Barkingmad.co.za/donate-to-dogtown