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Your dog barks too much

Your Dog Barks Too Much

Really ?

So I have lived in my house for the past  20 years, when we first built our house we had 2 single story houses next to us. Since then we’ve had a couple of neighbours move in and out and the latest, both extended their houses in fact the one virtually knocked down their house and rebuilt a huge thing next door to us. So why is this important ? Well, lets just say the one neighbour with the huge thing next door seems to always complain if my dogs are out in the garden playing or barking at them on their balcony over looking my garden. To top it off they have recently got a cat which now also sits staring into my garden, driving my dogs crazy. I don’t know why, but for some reason my house seems to attract the neighborhood cats much to my dogs disgust. I love all animals but the fancy are life of a cat, where it can go where it pleases when it pleases causes me extreme heart palpitations daily. When I see them running across busy roads, jumping about on my wall, while my dogs are just waiting for a mis step. The cats often come and sit in my front garden with my dogs going nuts at the window at the audacity of the cat sitting there in their very own garden. It’s exhausting, we live in our house with our blinds shut most of the time,  purely for our dogs and our own sanity. But I digress, so all weekend long, we endure the screeching of kids next door, because they’re kids, thats what they do. My poor furkids are locked inside a part from when they go out for quick toilet breaks, purely because the screaming of the kids will make them want to join in the conversation then I’ll have the neighbour round saying my dogs are barking.

Barking is Communication
So whats brought me round to this rant today is. I let the fur kids out for a pee break and went for one myself. Now I’m not one to lounge around on the toilet. I get in there, do my business and get out. So you know the duration of my dogs out enjoying their beautiful garden, that they rarely get to do was not a long time. I heard them starting to bark a bit frantic, so I tried to hurry along my business to go and check out what all the fuss was about. And what do you know, there the cat sits on the wall with my dogs letting said cat know under no circumstances is cat welcome in their garden. Well, I had barely stepped outside to see what all the fuss was about when there was a knock on the door which sent the furkids frenzy from the garden into the hallway. There at the door was the neighbour . I shuffled my dogs into the bedroom so I could speak to neighbour and find out what was he here to discuss? My dog has been barking all day long none stop, he said. It took everything in me to not follow the un-neighbourly behaviour which was going on in my head. I had been home all day with my dogs locked inside with me and the blinds shut. So, no they had not been barking all day long, in fact they were only barking for the length of time it took me to have a pee break.
Im just saying Hi
At times like these I really want to give the neighbour a peace of my mind but I always apologize and lock the door again, keeping my poor dogs house bound. If I ever go out they are locked inside, because if they were to bark and I was not at home to hurry them back inside. I’d surely be phoned to be told my dogs have invited the whole neighbourhoods dogs across and they are all barking at the top of their lungs. Im sure my dogs love it when I go on holiday as they get to enjoy their beautiful garden at Best Friends Pet lodge, with no crazy mamma hurrying them along to come back inside.

Lets talk
Now we often get calls that people have to re-home their dogs because the neighbours are complaining they make too much noise. Every time I hear this my blood boils, because 90% of the time they are not barking all day long as neighbours say and they are not just sitting in the garden barking into the sky for no reason. Something has caused them to bark and you know what,  DOGS BARK. It’s their language and annoying as some people may find it, it’s the exact same of communication as the kids running round the garden shouting at each other and screaming, which let me tell you, goes through me like chalk on a blackboard. But I don’t complain, its natural, its what kids do.
So my plea to neighbours, be reasonable. In this day and age more people are choosing to have a dog over a human kid, so they’re not going anywhere. There are COUNTLESS Not pet friendly housing complexes out there. I know because hundreds of animal loving families are struggling to find a pet friendly home. So if the sound of a dog barking is not your thing, purchase your house in one of these awful complexes that are not pet friendly. At least you have this option available to you. There are no complexes that don’t allow kids because that’s not fair apparently.

The Rantings of a Crazy Dog Lady