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Hi there, my name is Lola. There is no way you can look at my face and not go aaaaaaaawe, right? 🙂 Anyway, let me tell you more about myself. My past is filled with some pretty sketchy people and not so great experiences but that is all it is, bad experiences that’s in the […]

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Hello folks, Loki’s the name. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the handsomeness that is me, is homeless 🙁 But not for long, I have a feeling that my forever family are reading this right now so the phone in the office will ring …. right ….. about …… now……….. How and why I am […]

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Hi there, I am Lennox. I was found in Lennox road (hence my name) where I was really having a hard time because some mean people shot me with a pellet gun and my leg was very sore and infected. Thankfully some kind people managed to catch me and got me to a vet who […]

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Hi there world. Kaiden coming at you live from DogtownSA! Nice to meet you! There are some things that I don’t like to talk about, my past being one of them. But I can tell you that I spent most of my young life tied up on a short chain. People have strange ideas about […]

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Hello humans! My name is Joy. I am currently holding interviews for a new human family… could you be the lucky human who adopts me? Let me tell you some more about myself. I am full of love, cuddles and smoochy kisses. … I love, love, love spending time with humans on the couch, listening […]

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Hi world, I am Jester. I came to Dogtown when I was just a puppy, just look at the handsome boy I have turned out to be! I am a comical and playful boy and I love making new friends. I get along with most dogs and I always have a smile on my face. […]

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Hi there, I am Jessy. So nice to meet you! I am looking for a family who will love me and take care of me, not like the family I had before, they really didnt take good care of me. I was found wondering the streets in a very bad state 🙁 Lucky for me […]

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My name is Jersey! am super low maintenance, all I really need (apart from a regular showering of kisses) is a dash of sunblock everyday to protect my delicate features. Other than that, I am happy to lounge around and watch Netflix with you all day.

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Blade is a 4 year old Siberian Husky boy. He is very playful and curious with other canine friends. Blade loves attention. He just wants to play and be loved all day long like a baby. He loves to sit alongside you and give his paw to you. He LOVES food of all sorts have […]

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Jemma is a 7 year old Malamute Husky girl. She is good with kids and other dogs but unfortunately not cats. Jemma loves being pet especially around the belly and neck areas. She is extremely active as she doesn’t get tired of running and playing too quickly. She is very playful. She hates to move […]

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