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Hello, my name is Aki & Leiah!

More about me

Male-Female (Toy). Pomeranian - young-adult - DOB: Jul 2019.
I am good with: Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: * Barking Mad Network
Location: gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

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Aki & Leiah need to find their new home together! 


Named after the princess of Alderaan. This is a Special little toy pom with a heart of gold, she seems timid at times and she always appears worried or stressed at the sounds of neighbors or loud noises that she hears(judging by her eyebrows) but she’s just protective and very loving. As soon as she starts playing its all tail wagging and standing on two feet.

She craves attention and love and will do anything just to sit on your lap or cuddle with you in bed. She never chews things or rips up furniture, nor has she ever hurt anything except the occasional bugs which she just loves chasing around for a bit of fun. She requires a lot of brushing and constant love and attention and that’s all she wants; reciprocate love in her own way which is cuddling by your side.

She is really good at learning new things and often she picks up on things without me realizing like when I stand up and declare BEDTIME! Her and her sister know to march to my room and wait for me, I have never had to nor would I ever discipline them in any way besides pointing to the bug they brought inside or whatever it may be and saying naughty or bad and she instantly gets it after I point and say “what’s this!?” She instantly understands. I have never known a more calm and beautiful soul. She really is special. Everyday they are given a dentastick (half each) after doing a good wee. (The vet said only half because I used to give them a full one). It’s super easy to over feed them out of love but I taught them and myself according to the vets instructions and now they are at optimal health apart from not seeing the vet since Covid began.

They eat Exigent kibble during the week and on weekends get tubs of those woolies dog meals, half each. Or half a tin. they love all the snacks from absolute pets like the biltong and that is also where they get groomed regularly. They also Love stealing a chip or 3 from me when I get McDonalds or similar take-aways but are not allowed anything with salt or spices so I usually look for a chip or two with the least flavor or even perhaps a little piece of bacon here and there which the vet said both are fine especially when sticking to their diets.

She is so well potty trained she will come to where you sit and push on your legs with hers paws to tell you its toilet time or will sit by the door and wait but will never mess inside unless it’s your fault for going out for too long or something.

She requires brushing and to have her bum checked if she hasn’t been groomed in a few weeks to make sure her poop isn’t sticking to her majestic bum fluff and tail. Her words he knows are come, off, move (this is the one to let her know its serious like if you need to get up quick or she won’t budge cos she is worried from loud noises or something) , no, yes, goodgirl, go lie down, up, sit (for a treat) and here while pointing to get here to go where you want also her and her sis will always only eat their treats in their bed unless they can’t get get to it you can tell them to move their treats to their bed too by pointing and saying “here!”. They sleep in your bed but can be told to sleep in theirs but they love duvets and cuddling. She will be loyal and stick by your side following you everywhere even to bath or shower because that is her personality, your best friend ever.


Named after a Japanese princess in the Edo period of Japanese history Aki is a little fluffy ball of love and life which will give you better cuddles than any dog you have ever met before, as soon as you meet her she may seem like she’s trying to run up your tummy to headbutt you in the face but in fact she stops just under your chin where she nestles her head away and it will quickly become clear that this is her comfort zone or anywhere you can hold her where she feels coddled so laying on your chest or nestled in your arms or pillow and she is in heaven.

She has tons of energy and charisma and only chews paper and toilet paper, tp rolls and any type of plastic cos of the sound and feel so please do not leave any laying around or where she can reach. She barks at everyone but only because she wants attention so when she gets it she stops, even from strangers.

She is a bit slower than Leiah with learning but because she is so energetic and has 0 attention span except for cuddles and treats. Also she is a bit more timid at times because she was a rescue but once you connect its fireworks.

It would be preferable if they were with perhaps an older couple with lots of love to give or a single young couple without children in the home.