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Hello, my name is Alex & Whiskers!

More about me

Male (Small). Domestic - Young Adult - DOB: 2013.
I am good with: Children

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Gauteng

Adopt Alex & Whiskers

Please find attached pictures of our 2 cats.

They are both male and have been snipped and had their injections (vet cards are available).

They have been with us since they were kittens (2013). The ginger cat is older by a few months, Alex is his name because he was found by a nurse in Alexander Township. He is a fairly large cat and heavy. Personality wise from a kitten he has an old soul, he is like an old man that has his favourite spot on the couch and gives you a look if you sitting in his spot. He is also like the old brother to the other cat.

Whiskers is the black fluffy cat, whiskers is always busy and tries his utmost best to irritate Alex, I think just to get a reaction from him, they play a lot together.

Whiskers is extremely affectionate and will sit on your shoulder or where ever he can as long as it is on top of you.

They both have complete opposite personalities but get on like  a house on fire, Alex doesn’t like the outdoors and Whiskers does. They are great with kids, I have a 5 year old daughter. They haven’t been around other animals so not sure how they would react.