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Hello, my name is Amy & Kayla!

Amy & Kayla 14 years

More about me

Female (). Springer. Senior - DOB: 2005.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

Meet Amy and Kayla

They are up for adoption because their owner is emigrating.

They are 14 years old, good with other dogs and children, does not know cats.

Are sterried, vaccinated, microchipped and on a diet of Hills ID and Eukanuba Snr respectively.

Amy is on half incurin tablet per day and Kayla is a bit hard of hearing.

Their owner wants to do what’s right by them, and will only home them to a home in Gauteng,

where she can meet the new owners herself and make sure that the girls have settle in before

she will leave the end of Sept. We have set a date until the end of Aug that we will try and find

them a home, as they may still have a few years of good living left.

If they are not homed by end of Aug, she will be the one taking them to the Vet for their final

Trip, as she does not want to leave this heart-breaking task to a stranger, and also wants to be

by their side, should this needs to be done, so we kindly request no harsh comments and

judgement on the owner please  – who is devastated enough with the situation as it is.

We do know that dogs this age, does not easily get homed, but we also know that the people who

DO ADOPT such old souls are often the MOST wonderful people and homes that you could ever

find. This is what we are hoping for – that this post will reach someone with a real passion for

Oldies, and for making their last years as comfy and happy as possible.

No adoption fee will be charged, but adoption application, strict home check plus meeting with current owner will apply.

If you have any animal loving contacts in Gauteng area to whom you can share this plea, we will appreciate it very much.

Contact: 072 1762 175 or