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Hello, my name is BENJI!

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More about me

Male (Medium). Wire hair terrier - adult

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River - Gauteng
Tel: 0760441979

Benji’s the name and acting is the game! Nah not really, that well known furkid look-a-like actor with the same name as me is a distant relative. He went to Hollywood USA and I came to Dogtown SA. How can you possibly compare the two I hear you say and obviously you’re quite right, Hollywood could never match up to Dogtown 🙂

My life has not been a bed of roses by any means. I was surrendered to Dogtown because my owner’s said I had become grumpy with inappropriate behaviours for a family dog – aggressive was their exact explanation – and so they locked me in a tiny back section of the garden! In actual fact I had become ill and was suffering from seizures which accounted for my bouts of unpredictable indiscretions.

Since being at Dogtown my caregivers have been giving me medication which controls my now very infrequent seizures. I also have a nice large garden run to play in, all of which helped to put my ill-tempered behaviours behind me. I love the nice long walks I go on and the peeps and furkids I meet along the way. If I continue like this with my recovery, my caregivers say they will introduce me to some furkids who may be able to come and share my garden with me. Unless of course some wonderful family, who won’t mind keeping up my medication, adopts me first.

But fortunately for me now I’m approaching my senior years – will be eight at my next birthday, so my ideal family would best be one that does not have young peeps that would expect me to charge around chasing balls etc. That behaviour is best suited to my relative in Hollywood.

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